PTA Grandpa Season 1


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 2 April 2017

NHK BS Premium

65-year-old Muso Tsutomu has retired from his job at a major home appliance manufacturer. He was a corporate warrior who did not care for his family during those 43 years that he was working. He has no particular hobbies and his intention was to lead retirement life leisurely at home. But reality is not so kind. His wife Sachiko, who has been living life to the fullest, is busy every day with enrichment lessons and socialising with friends. Considering Tsutomu a nuisance, she haughtily tells him to do something since he is free. After their divorced daughter Miyako moves back home with their granddaughter Yurina, he becomes Yurina’s caregiver because Miyako is extremely busy as the division head at a big corporation. Tsutomu realises that he has no place in the house. Then one day, Miyako gets chosen to be the deputy chairwoman of the elementary school’s Parent Teacher Association. Everyone shuns PTA committee members and the deputy chairwoman is an excessively hectic role. Miyako is already extremely busy and declines. This results in Yurina getting hurt. Tsutomu gets worked up and protests, but Sachiko suggests in a family meeting that he take their daughter’s place as PTA deputy chairman. So on the day of the first PTA meeting, Tsutomu introduces himself to Uchida Junko who is also a deputy chairwoman and the other PTA members and quickly causes an uproar.

Matsudaira Ken as Muso Tsutomu
He used to be the general sales manager of a large home appliance manufacturer. He did not care about the home and because he was devoted to his work, he has no hobbies or good friends. Now that he is retired, he does not know what to do with his free time. He is very indulgent with his granddaughter Yurina and eventually agrees to be the deputy chairman of the PTA at Aoba Elementary School which she attends.

Adachi Yumi as Uchida Junko
The deputy chairwoman of Aoba Elementary School and mother of three boys. She is already extremely busy raising her children and working part-time at a supermarket, but she ends up accepting the PTA deputy chairwoman role because it is not in her personality to say no. She gets caught in between Muso Tsutomu and the PTA veterans, and complains to her husband each time. Her second son is in the same first grade class as Muso Miyako’s daughter Yurina.

Matobu Sei as Muso Miyako
Muso Tsutomu’s daughter. She comes home with her daughter after her divorce. She works for a large trading company and has a feud with her father who was a corporate warrior. However, she ends up like her father; prioritising work over raising her daughter.

Asada Miyoko as Muso Sachiko
Muso Tsutomu’s wife. She leads an active, fulfilling life and is busy with her hobbies. Because Tsutomu did not care about household chores and child rearing, she handled all household matters by herself. Although the thought of her husband doing nothing after retirement is disagreeable to her, she privately worries about him She watches over him as he gets completely absorbed in the activities of the PTA.

Okazaki Satoko (Totone-chan, Detarame Hero)
Kodama Norikatsu

Original Work
PTA Grandpa by Nakazawa Hinako

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