Fuji TV Drama Special 2017 ~ Streetwise in Wonderland ~ Jiken no Hou ga Hotte Okanai Tantei


Date: From 12.35 a.m., 28 March 2017
Scriptwriter: Ueda Makoto
Cast: Ando Masanobu, Tozuka Junki, Ito Sairi, Sugawara Eiji, Europa Kikaku
Synopsis: Wada (Ando Masanobu) exudes the obvious air of a tough, unflappable private detective. He has set up an office in a multi-tenant building in a corner of the city and his principle is to face ordinary and modest requests head-on. He wants to live quietly, but during investigations into what seem like ordinary requests, he always finds himself getting involved in the greatest cases of the century without knowing why. In other words, these dangerous cases will not leave him alone. A small-time hoodlum, thug, homeless man with the air of an informant and a convenience store employee good at computers sniff out the complicated situations that Wada has with extraordinary speed. Free and eager to meddle, they try to get involved in his cases. This time, Wada is asked by a woman (Ito Sairi) to investigate her husband’s affair. He follows the husband (Sugawara Eiji) who researches antigravity and sees a strange group studying what appears to be unidentified flying objects at the place that they arrive at. He has once again seen something unnecessary. Despite his initial shock, Wada doggedly tries to only accomplish his job of investigating the affair. However, the situation does not blow over and instead starts to develop in an unexpected and outrageous direction. What decision will Wada make?
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/streetwise

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1 Response to Fuji TV Drama Special 2017 ~ Streetwise in Wonderland ~ Jiken no Hou ga Hotte Okanai Tantei

  1. Nguyễn An says:

    how can i watch full this movie? Could you plz give me a link??

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