Hokuto ~ Aru Satusjinsha no Kaishin


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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 25 March 2017


20-year-old Hashizume Hokuto is being detained as a murderer and in March 2016, he tells his court-appointed lawyer Takai Soichi, “Please get me the death penalty. I shouldn’t have been born.” He has no memory of receiving a hug from anyone in his childhood and spent his youth alone and starved of love. He was actually severely abused by his own father Munetaka and his mother Misako did not try to protect him because she feared that she would be hurt. One winter’s night after he was verbally abused by his mother for being the spawn of the devil, Hokuto left a letter apologising for being born and stormed out of the house. He eventually entered an orphanage and met Kondo Ayako there. She would become his foster mother through child welfare services and he learnt of love for the first time while living with her. Released from the darkness of his mind because of the happiness he felt little by little, Hokuto started to feel like a new person. Before long, he finds out that Ayako has cancer. Made sport by bizarre fate, he became a murderer. What will the verdict of Hokuto’s trial be?

Nakayama Yuma as Hashizume Hokuto
He was abused by his own parents from a young age and spent his days alone. He met his foster mother Kondo Ayako and learnt love for the first time.

Matsuo Suzuki as Takai Soichi
A human rights lawyer for a number of defendants facing the death penalty. He becomes Hashizume Hokuto’s court-appointed lawyer and begins to trace the young man’s cruel life.

Murakami Jun as Hashizume Munetaka
Hashizume Hokuto’s father. A weak man who experienced various setbacks in life and took out his fristration on his wife and son through violence

Nakamura Yuko as Hashizume Misako
Hashizume Hokuto’s mother. Dominated by her husband’s violence, she began to raise her hand against her son, and is on the verge of a mental breakdown as she lives in fear every day.

Ito Sairi as Kikutani Asumi
Kondo Ayako’s foster child who is working as a nurse now. She was brought up by Ayako and is like an older sister to Hashizume Hokuto.

Nikaido Satoshi as Tomioka Kazuma
An employee of a children’s counselling centre. He is the first to recognise that Hashizume Hokuto is being abused by his parents and offer the boy a helping hand.

Riju Go as Motohashi Nobuhiro
A freelance journalist who is investigating the bogus operations at Ikuta Tomochika’s research institute. He gets close to Hashizume Hokuto who is a victim.

Yajima Kenichi as Ikuta Tomochika
The head of Ikuta Namido Research Institute. A crook who made a large amount of money from a water that purportedly treats cancer in order to pay off the heavy debt after the hospital he had been running goes bankrupt.

Shimada Kyusaku as Iioka Masashi
His beloved wife was murdered by Hashizume Hokuto. He appears in court with a portrait of his late wife.

Miyamoto Nobuko as Kondo Ayako
The foster mother of Hashizume Hokuto and Kikutani Asumi. After the death of her husband, she adopted children who lived in orphanages for various reasons and brought them up as a foster parent. She showers love on Hashizume Hokuto.

Takimoto Tomoyuki (Tenshi to Akuma, Watashi to iu Unmei ni Tsuite )

Original Work
Hokuto Aru Satusjinsha no Kaishin by Ishida Ira

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