Hitoya no Toge


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 19 March 2017


Takeshima Ryota is a new prison officer whose late father was also in the same profession. He sets foot in Kita Kanto Prison and sees corrupt prison officers quietly condone the bullying of prisoners and gamble inside. One day, Nakui Soichi, a bureaucrat from the Ministry of Justice, becomes the new prison chief. Meanwhile, Ryota is given a rough welcome by Kamimiya Korekiyo in the workshop under the jurisdiction of the deputy prison chief Iwamoto Yasutaka. Kamimiya is a gang boss with clout in the prison even though he is a convict. A senior officer Akimura Shigeharu offers Ryota advice, but Akimura’s baffling actions bewilder him. Then Nakui gives Ryota instructions in an attempt to clean up the festering prison. On top of that, Kamimiya gets close to Ryota and hints that he knows something about his father’s death 13 years ago. What happened to his father? And what is the justice and truth in the prison which is a closed world that no one knows … …

Kubota Masataka as Takeshima Ryota
A new prison officer at Kita Kanto Prison. After moving from one part-time job to another, he became a prison officer like the father he hated. He feels repulsed by this occupation but also defies his senior because of his own sense of justice. He begins to have misgivings about the ways of the prison.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Nakui Soichi
The new prison chief of Kita Kanto Prison who was a career bureaucrat at the Ministry of Justice. Because of his emphasis on rules and order, he quickly replaces 30 officers soon after he assumes duties. He sees the corruption within the prison as a problem and gives Takeshima Ryota some instructions.

Izumiya Shigeru as Kamimiya Korekiyo
The boss of the gang, Kamimiya-gumi. He is serving time for a murder. Only his men are assembled in the cell where he is held. He wins over a string of prison officers to his side and lives comfortably even though he is in prison. He knew Takeshima Ryota’s father when he was alive and gets close to Ryota.

Ikeda Narushi as Iwamoto Yasutaka
The deputy prison chief of Kita Kanto Prison. The most intimidating prison officer, he is feared for putting down prisoners with abuse and violence. He is in charge of the cell where Kamimiya Korekiyo is being held and there are rumours that he is colluding with Kamimiya.

Hagiwara Masato as Akimura Shigeharu
The chief jailer at Kita Kanto Prison and Takeshima Ryota’s trainer. A contrast to Nakui Soichi, he is a prison officer who hails from the frontline. Although he shows tolerance toward all sorts of men and is a hypocrite, but he also looks out for his juniors. He had set his sights on being a police officer before he became a prison officer.

Nonami Maho as Yoda Etsuko
The proprietress of a pub. A former prison officer, she has misgivings about the actual prison conditions. Many prison officers including Akimura Shigeharu and Takeshima Ryota’s father are her regular customers. She is strong-willed, cool and has the disposition of an older sister.

Tanaka Yoji as Kamimiya Shogo
Kamimiya Korekiyo’s nephew. He controls the gang according to the instructions of his uncle who is serving time and plays a part in all evil inside the prison. Although he is frightened of his uncle, he secretly has designs on his position.

Moro Morooka as Takeshima Kosuke
Takeshima Ryota’s father. A conscientious prison officer who had worked at the same prison as his son. He was strict in his job and even with his son. He died in an accident because of a fall but … …

Suzuki Satoshi (Shi no Zouki, Tokusou)

Original Work
Hitoya no Toge by Daimon Takeaki

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