NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2017 ~ Aozora Cut

Aozora Cut

Date: From 10.00 p.m., 15 March 2017
Scriptwriter: Dobashi Akihiro
Cast: Hayashi Kento, Kawaei Rina, Yoshida Kotaro, Tokoshima Yoshiko, Yamasaki Shizuyo, Miyajima Mai
Synopsis: 24-year-old Kawamura Shota (Hayashi Kento) is in Paris when he receives word of his mother’s death. He comes back to his hometown of Nishinari ward in Osaka City. His father Goro (Yoshida Kotaro) has been running a small hair salon called ‘Aozora’ there for a long time. But Shota hates him because he never cherished his mother Sumire (Tokoshima Yoshiko) and she left home when Shota was a child. That is why Shota moved out several years ago and lived as a hairstylist in Paris. Now he proclaims himself an international hairstylist. However, the truth is that he had been unhappy at work in Paris. Just as Shota had expected after his return to Japan, he clashes with his father who takes a tumble and this results in a broken finger. Shota has to reluctantly take Goro’s place and work at hair salon together with his father’s employee Nakai Haruka (Kawaei Rina). Despite his confidence in his own skills and aesthetics, Shota has a hard time. He is not good at communicating with other people and finds it very difficult to deal with the strong personalities of local customers. Because his father appears lukewarm about how well the business is doing, he cannot hide his dissatisfaction as he works hard for the sake of the hair salon. One day, Shota learns that the hair salon is strapped for cash and its future is unclear. Then an incident gives him an idea to revive the business and things take an unexpected turn … …
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