Kanjou 8-go Sen

Kanjou 8-go Sen

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From 11.30 p.m., Sundays, 15 January 2017

Fuji TV 2

Ogikubo, Hachimanyama, Chitose Funabashi, Futako Tamagawa, Kaminoge and Denen Choufu … Loop line 8 travels along these six towns. Despite the short distance, it is necessary to change trains and take a circuitous route. There are women living in each of these towns who waver over love that has not turned out as they wish such as one-sided love, domestic violence and affairs. Like “neighbours” who have to go a long way around, their relationships are loosely connected. They are somehow only able to see each other’s appearances maybe because of the nature of these relationships and then wonder why things are not going well for them personally. They worry and compare with others but still wish to look ahead.

Episode 1: Ogikubo ~ Maki
23-year-old Maki, who lives in a one-room apartment in Ogikubo, is a member of a theatrical company. She is Sakamoto Fumi’s cousin. Three years ago, she left Shizuoka for Tokyo with the aim of becoming a performer. She has liked a male member of the theatrical company who works part-time at the same gyoza shop but she has a boyfriend and is unable to express her feelings.

Episode 2: Hachimanyama ~ Eri
27-year-old Eri lives in Hachimanyama and works part time at an interior shop. She is being abused by Koyama Takashi, the boyfriend she is set to marry, but cannot tell anyone about it.

Episode 3: Chitose Funabashi ~ Ami
27-year-old Yuki Ami lives in Chitose Funabashi and is an employee at an interior shop. She has just married Kazuya but is bad at being a housewife. She is unable to dispel her unease even though she should be happy about being married to her kind husband. In the middle of this, she encounters Kawashima, her ex-boyfriend from high school days.

Episode 4: Futako Tamagawa ~ Fumi
37-year-old Sakamoto Fumi lives in Futako Tamagawa. A full-time housewife with two children, she lives in a stylish, perfect apartment building. She knows that her husband Sakamoto is having an affair with Nakanishi Rina, his subordinate at work. But she keeps quiet about it for the sake of their children.

Episode 5: Kaminoge ~ Rina
30-year-old Nakanishi Rina lives in Kaminoge and is an employee of a real estate company. She has not been able to get over her feelings for Yuki Ami’s husband Kazuya who works for the same department and joined the company at the same time as her. She starts having an affair with her boss Sakamoto to overcome her loneliness.

Episode 6: Denen Choufu ~ Mayu
23-year-old Mayu lives in Denen Choufu and is the daughter of a wealthy family. After graduating from a girls college, she started working part-time at a gyoza shop where a male member of a theatrical troupe works even though she does not need a part-time job.

* Kawaei Rina as Maki
* Kurashina Kana as Eri
* Kanjiya Shihori as Yuki Ami
* Matobu Sei as Sakamoto Fumi
* Ono Yuriko as Nakanishi Rina
* Hotta Akane as Mayu
* Tanaka Kei as Yuki Kazuya
* Miura Takahiro as Koyama Takashi
* Horii Arata as Kai
* Sugino Yosuke as Kota
* Machida Keita as Kawashima
* Mashima Hidekazu as Sakamoto
* Sakurai Yuki as Miku

Akutsu Tomoko (Teddy Go!)

Original Work
Kanjou 8-go Sen by Hatano Tomomi

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