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From 10 February 2017 (updated on Fridays)


Inspector Zenigata Koichi gives the impression that he is the bungling detective who is always given the slip by the elusive great thief, Lupin Sansei. However, that is not the truth. He is dedicated to his work, good-natured, righteous and never forgives evil. He is also an outstanding detective who has more compassion than anyone else. One day, a robbery and murder occurs at a private house. A girl Sara is the only survivor after her parents are shot dead. The only witness to the cirme, she is hospitalised and placed under the protective custody of the police. Zenigata who had been visiting the hospital for a regular medical checkup, comes across Sakuraba Natsuki with the young girl. A victim in the case, she has lost the ability to speak because of acute shock. While the investigation comes to a standstill, Sara discovers the black-clad man who attacked her parents. Realising that he is after her own life, she sneaks out of her hospital room and desperately runs away but … … Meanwhile, Zenigata notices something unusual within the hospital and searches for Sara but will he be able to protect her from the brutal criminal?

Suzuki Ryohei as Zenigata Koichi
The famous detective who is tenacious in arresting the great elusive thief, Lupin Sansei. He belongs to the International Investigations Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Criminal Affairs Department. He continues to pursue Lupin through intuition and the legwork of a veteran detective, and is even seconded to the Interpol as a full-time investigator on Lupin based on his achievements. Although he still has not been able to capture Lupin, that is because Lupin’s skills are by far the best. He usually flies around the world in pursuit of Lupin. When he is unable to get hold of news on Lupin, he is stationed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Once a case happens, he cannot hold himself back and will poke his nose into it no matter where he is. He is obstinate and frank, but exudes humour and charm at times.

Maeda Atsuko as Sakuraba Natsuki
A young female detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. Her late father was a police officer and this inspired her to be a police officer too. Now that she has fulfilled her dream, she has survived remarkably in the male-dominated police organisation due to her fearless energy. She is disciplined and rather inflexible. That is why she often cannot understand the investigation methods of Zenigata Koichi who immediately acts without thinking once something occurs to him. However, she gradually realises how outstanding he is as a detective and slowly begins to change because of his influence.

Hakamada Yoshihiko as Shitara Hiroshi
An inspector in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division and the head of a section. He is a career bureaucrat. He may be an outstanding investigator, but he is the typical middle management type. He considers everything that his boss Jogasaki Hitoshi says as absolute, and always watches Jogasaki’s mood.

Watanabe Ikkei as Jogasaki Hitoshi
A director in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division and a career bureaucrat. He is an opportunist and a true-blue police who will put the organisation’s rationale above all else. This is in total contrast to the unconventional Zenigata Koichi. He is also ambitious and fears hurting his career. So he regards Zenigata a nuisance for interfering in the cases of the First Investigative Division. He assigns Sakuraba Natsuki and Kunikida Shintaro to be his watchdogs, and constantly keeps close tabs on Zenigata.

Takayama Naoya (Saigo no Restaurant, Shi no Zouki)
Yamaoka Junpei (Gurame!, Juken no Cinderella)
Yamaura Masahiro (Umi ni Furu, Kurofuku Monogatari)
Matsumoto Miyoko (Higanbana, Bokura Playboys Jukunen Tanteisha)

Original Work
Lupin Sansei by Monkey Punch

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