Kuzu no Honkai


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From 1.55 a.m., Thursdays, 19 January 2017

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Second-year high school student Yasuraoka Hanabi has liked Japanese language teacher Kanai Narumi, whom she calls big brother, since childhood. At the opening ceremony for the first school term, Kanai and music teacher Minagawa Akane take up positions at Hanabi’s school. Hanabi is delighted but realises in a fleeting moment that Kanai likes Akane and gets a shock. By the end of the summer vacation, the two teachers have become close. However, there is a male student besides Hanabi who is bothered by the relationship between Kanai and Akane. He is Awaya Mugi. Mugi has liked Akane ever since she was his private tutor two years ago. But his feelings were not reciprocated. Hanabi finds him staring at Kanai and Akane at school and in their first encounter, the two of them reveal to each other that they are in the same situation. Then one day, Hanabi hugs Mugi out of the blue which leads to their decision to date each other instead of the person they like. Mugi proposes three conditions to Hanabi: they will not like each other, their relationship ends if either of them succeed in love, and they will satisfy each other’s physical needs at any time. Despite her initial panic about being friends with benefits, Hanabi eventually agrees. Although they look like an ideal, good-looking couple that everyone in school envies, Hanabi and Mugi are just together to avoid feeling lonely and cannot tell anyone about the pact that they have made.

* Sakura Dori as Awaya Mugi
* Yoshimoto Miyu as Yasuraoka Hanabi
* Mizuta Koki as Kanai Narumi
* Aizawa Rina as Minagawa Akane
* Ikegami Sarii as Ebato Sanae

Hagiwara Ere
Takahashi Motoko (Dakara Kouya, Tsuki no Koibito)

Original Work
Kuzu no Honkai by Yokoyari Mengo

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