Oda Nobuo


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From 11.35 p.m., Saturdays, 4 February 2017


Kind-hearted Oda Nobuo is a minor feudal lord and head of the fictitious Oda clan during the Sengoku Period at the time when Oda Nobunaga anticipated that he would unify the country. He lives cozily, conscious of the hero with a similar name. While Nobuo speaks of unification, it is mere lip service. Even both his chief retainers Shibata Katsuo and Akechi Mitsuru who play supporting roles have familiar sounding names, but utterly lack the power of the real deal. In 1560 (Eiroku 3), Nobuo enjoys a great victory in the Battle of Okehazama but thunders to his military commanders that they still have a long way to go to unification and should not get carried away. Katsuo and Mitsuru counter that they are not the ones fighting but are observing the great victory of the famous Nobunaga from afar. Nobuo’s legal wife Oatsu hears what her husband shares in common with Nobunaga, and declares that if Nobunaga is feared as the sixth heavenly devil king, Nobuo will be styled after him as the seventh. Everyone is dumbfounded. An inconsequential ordeal will soon bear down upon the members of the Oda clan.

* Horiuchi Ken as Oda Nobuo
* Harada Taizo as Shibata Katsuo
* Nagura Jun as Akechi Mitsuru
* Konishi Manami as Oatsu

Maeda Shiro (Nocon Kid)

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