Kimi wa Petto (2017)


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From 7 February 2017 (updated on Tuesdays)

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Beautiful, highly educated career woman Iwaya Sumire is a journalist who works for a large newspaper. However, she is a sensitive person and awkward in romances. Sumire gets dumped by her boyfriend Yoshida Koichi whom she has considered marrying, then gets demoted at work and hits rock bottom. One night, she returns to home drunk and finds a handsome young man lying in a cardboard box outside her apartment. She mistakes him for the pet dog, Momo, that she once had and flings her arms around him. The next day, Sumire jokingly suggests that she takes him as her pet and gives him the same name as Momo. This is how they begin living together and Sumire gradually starts to recover emotionally through her time with him. Then she meets her first love Hasumi Shigehito at the newspaper again … …

Iriyama Noriko as Iwaya Sumire
A career woman who is a graduate of Tokyo University and Harvard University. She is a journalist who works for Kodan Shimbun’s Lifestyle Desk. Contrary to her cool beauty, she is a timid and a coward. She starts to keep “Momo”, who is similar to the pet dog that she once had, as a pet.

Shison Jun as Goda Takeshi/Momo
Iwaya Sumire’s “pet” who even sleeps alongside her and loves her cooking. There are times when he gets sensitive and jealous about her romances. He is actually a talented ballet dancer and won an award at Lausanne.

Takezai Terunosuke as Hasumi Shigehito
An ace journalist who works for Kodan Shimbun’s Foreign News Desk. Iwaya Sumire’s senior in university and first love. He has just returned to headquarters from the Jakarta bureau. He is the perfect man – tall, well-educated, well-paid but he is prone to making silly mistakes.

Yanagi Yurina as Fukushima Shiori
She works for Kodan Shimbun as a receptionist. She aggressively tries to draw Hasumi Shigehito’s attention with her body and sex appeal.

Noro Kayo as Shirotae Yuri
Iwaya Sumire’s childhood friend and her only confidant. She is now a housewife with a child. She is good at telling fortune with tarot cards.

Okabe Takashi as Yoshida Koichi
Iwaya Sumire’s ex-boyfriend. He works for Kodan Shimbun’s Printing Department. He dumped Sumire because of his inferiority complex and married another woman.

Koga Fumie (Ghostwriter)
Arai Yuka (Watashi no Uchi ni wa Nanimo Nai, Tokyo Sentimental)

Original Work
Kimi wa Petto by Ogawa Yayoi

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5 Responses to Kimi wa Petto (2017)

  1. Is there a place to watch this internationally? With English subs?

  2. Sorry, but you load き み は ペ ッ ト Kimi wa petto remake?

  3. Noor says:

    PLEASE HELP US find a place where we can watch this remake with English subs! Thank you!

  4. Leo says:

    Can someone please send me a link for the episodes with English subtitles, please?

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