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From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, 22 January 2017


There is an investigation firm in a corner of Tokyo that searches for things. Higurashi Tabito is an investigator who lost four of his five senses and only has his sight. He is an amazing detective whose specialty is finding things. His eyes can see the colour and shapes of things that are invisible to an ordinary person such as scent, taste, temperature, weight and pain. The requests that his detective agency constantly gets are to search for things which cannot be found through ordinary methods. One day, Tabito and his partner Yukiji Masahiko are asked by a gang leader named Murayama to find the culprit who cracked a safe. Tabito uses his vision to identify Murayama’s mistress from the unnatural expressions of the gang members and nervousness indicated by the high heel footprints. She flees and the gang members go all out to pursue her. Meanwhile, nursery school teacher Yamakawa Yoko is concerned about Tabito and his daughter Tei who cannot fit in with friends at school because she has no mother. Then Yoko finds a record of the time capsule that she buried when she was a pre-schooler from the nursery school’s warehouse. She hopes that it will give her a hint about her first love Ta-kun whom she strangely cannot recall no matter how she tries. But the location of the buried capsule remains a mystery. Although Tabito has been warned by his physician Enoki Wataru that he will go blind if he continues to use his sight, he offers to look for the time capsule despite Yukiji’s worries. In fact, there is a reason why Tabito is fixated on finding it. At that moment, Kamekichi whom Yukiji hired as a helper, gets into trouble with the Murayama-gumi. Yoko and Tei, who became involved, are now missing and in danger. Tabito desperately searches for clues using his eyes.

Matsuzaka Tori as Higurashi Tabito
An investigator who runs an investigation firm that searches for things. He lost four of his five senses in a childhood incident and only has his sight which developed so that he can see things that are invisible to an ordinary person such as scent and emotions. Although he uses this ability to make a living, he is in danger of losing his sight if he overuses his eyes. He is seemingly gentle but has an air of mystery.

Tabe Mikako as Yamakawa Yoko
A teacher at Nozomi Nursery School which Higurashi Tabito’s daughter Tei attends. She has a strong sense of justice and wants to do what she can for father and child. She has always had an ordinary, quiet life no matter what she did. But the only thing she regrets is carrying home the keyholder of the boy who was her first love in her childhood without permission.

Hamada Gaku as Yukiji Masahiko
Higurashi Tabito’s partner. He is the second son of Diet lawmaker Yukiji Teruyuki who is a local celebrity. He has a bad mouth and appears to be a frivolous person, but he is caring. He has been adjusting the agency’s volume of work to keep the softhearted Tabito from losing his sight. He is physically strong and even admired by the hoodlums in the community.

Sumida Moeno as Momoshiro Tei
A young girl who lives with Higurashi Tabito at the agency. She possesses a strong heart and is not scared of adults. She adores Tabito more than her own biological parents and regards Yamakawa Yoko as a rival.

Kitaoji Kinya as Enoki Wataru
The head of Enoki Clinic and Higurashi Tabito’s physician. He is the only person who knows about Tabito from the time he was a child. He appears aware of the incident that Tabito became involved in at the age of five. Although he supports Tabito’s investigative work searching for things, he worries about his health.

Fukuhara Mitsunori (Makanai-so, Ofukou-san, Teen Court)

Original Work
Tantei Higurashi Tabito no Sagashimono by Yamaguchi Kozaburo

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