Quartet (2017)


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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 17 January 2017


One day, four people in their 30s “happen” to meet – housewife Maki Maki, unemployed Sebuki Suzume, hair salon assistant Iemori Yutaka and donut company employee Beppu Tsukasa. They have not reached the peak of their lives but have stopped before a gentle slope without fulfilling their dreams of making a living in music. All four of them are musicians who met by coincidence at a karaoke outlet in Tokyo. In an unexpected turn of events, they form a string quartet called ‘Doughnut Quartet’ and end up spending one winter living together in a villa owned by Tsukasa’s grandfather in beautiful Karuizawa. Maki and Tsukasa are the violinists, Suzume the cellist, and Yutaka the violist. Because Maki has a family, so they primarily practice at the villa on weekends when she can only commute to Karuizawa. However, a big secret is hidden in their coincidental meeting. One day, Maki arrives at the villa in a vehicle driven by Tsukasa. Suzume and Yutaka are waiting for them. Although they talk about performing live at a restaurant, a pianist Benjamin Takita with nine months left to live performs there regularly. Then Maki says something astounding … …

Matsu Takako as Maki Maki
The first violinist. A housewife who once aspired to be a professional violinist. She is a worrier with a rather soft voice, negative thoughts and no self-confidence. When she gets nervous, she will end up watching movies that make her more anxious. However, there are times that she is playful and surprisingly bold.

Takahashi Issei as Iemori Yutaka
The violist. He works at a hair salon in Karuizawa but is still an assistant even though he is past his mid-30s because he has no qualifications. He is considerably popular. However, he wants to be more popular than that although he never will because he is exceptionally argumentative, bothersome and intolerant. He has not made progress in anything he starts. He is a peculiar person, immature and full of fixations.

Mitsushima Hikari as Sebuki Suzume
The cellist. Because she is unemployed, she settles into the villa which Beppu Tsukasa’s grandfather owns. She thinks that the greatest invention of the human race is the futon. She can sleep anywhere even in the toilet or on the floor. Going back to sleep is life’s greatest pleasure. She considers the cello her only friend. One day, a mysterious old woman visits Suzume all of a sudden and makes a request.

Matsuda Ryuhei as Beppu Tsukasa
The second violinist. He is an employee of Fukuro Donuts but he actually dislikes sweet things. He has never been angry with anything in life and admires free spirits. He wants to be called self-indulgent and considered daring just for once, but he cannot do it. He imagines that he will be ever so happy if he is able to. Then he meets Maki Maki, Sebuki Suzume and Iemore Yutaka at karaoke outlet and suggests that they form a quartet. He provides a villa which his grandfather, an international conductor, owns in Karuizawa as the place for them to live together. The only calm person among the four of them, he is like the leader of the quartet.

Sakamoto Yuji (Woman, Saikou no Rikon, Mother)

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