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52-year-old Saenai, the eternal head of the Third Sales Division at Fujiko Construction, is an ordinary middle management salaryman. His subordinates are disgusted with him because he dreads taking responsibility. At home, he cannot go against his wife from hell, Enko, and is treated with contempt by his rebellious adolescent daughter, Haneko, and impertinent son, Moyao, too. Nothing is expected of him at work or at home. One day, a strange old man calls out to Saenai and asks if he wants to become a superhero. Not knowing what the old man means, Saenai tries to ignore him. But the old man follows him around. A short while later, he flies off into the sky. Saenai watches this in disbelief. The next day, the old man appears before Saenai again. He insistently suggests that when the words “salaryman” and “superhero” are put together, it forms the word “super salaryman”. In the middle of this, Saenai is told by his wife to deliver the lunch box that their daughter had forgotten. However, he has an important meeting in 30 minutes and has no time to go back home and then deliver the lunch box to the school … granted that he cannot disregard Enko’s request. Caught in a dilemma, Saenai finally borrows the super suit from the old man and flies once he puts the super suit on. He goes back home to take the lunch box, delivers it to Haneko’s school and succeeds in attending the meeting. Saenai feels relieved to be able to keep the peace at home. When he tries to return the suit to the old man, he cannot find him. So he reluctantly holds onto it for a while. After that, Saenai begins to be able to hear voices of someone calling for help in his ear. The straightforward Saenai puts on the suit and solves the incident. However, the super suit works in such a way as to put him into action once it senses an incident even if he is in the middle of work. In addition, it erases people’s memories. This means that no one has any memory of his efforts no matter how many incidents he solves and Koike and other detectives take credit for them. While Saenai continues saving people, he feels the weight of responsibility and decides to quit. He also lets go of the super suit. Meanwhile, a man barricades himself in Haneko’s school and she is taken hostage along with other students. Saenai is stuck between world peace and domestic problems. Life does not go well just by becoming superman. What is justice, peace and happiness?

Tsutsumi Shinichi as Saenai
The eternal section chief at a construction company and a hen-pecked husband at home. He is a coward and naive. He does not like to take responsibility and is considered unreliable by the people around him. One day, a super suit is pressed on him by a strange old man and gets stuck with keeping the peace in town because of the suit’s powers. He wants to quit being a superhero somehow or other.

Koizumi Kyoko as Saenai Enko
Saenai’s wife from hell who shows no understanding of her husband’s work. Her children are her life and family revolves around her. She considers the mothers who are her friends the most important community in this world. She will not let other people say bad things about her husband.

Muro Tsuyoshi as Koike
A detective who gets carried away easily. He takes credit for all the incidents that Saenai solves.

Shimazaki Haruka as Saenai Haneko
Saenai’s 16-year-old daughter who is at a rebellious age. She is interested in idols?

Yokoyama Ayumu as Saenai Moyao
Saenai’s impertinent 8-year-old who puts his father down. He gets fired up about events.

Sasano Takashi as Old Man
A mysterious man who suddenly appears in front of Saenai and designates him a superhero. He gives Saenai and super suit.

Kaku Kento as Ikesugi
Saenai’s subordinate. He is very ambitious and aims to advance beyond Saenai.

Hayami Akari as Kamata
Saenai’s subordinate. An office lady. She thinks that he is completely unreliable and also has a frosty attitude.

Takahashi Katsumi as Minoshima
Saenai’s boss. The head of the Third Sales Division. He loves business entertainment and has the nickname “banquet department manager”. He is an optimist.

Fukuda Yuichi (Yuusha Yoshihiko Series, Uchuu no Shigoto, Watashi no Kiraina Tantei)

Original Work
Chuunen Salaryman Saenai-shi by Fujiko F Fujio

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