TV Asahi Henai Drama Special 2016 ~ Koisuru JK Zombie


Date: From 12.20 a.m., 30 December 2016
Scriptwriter: Yamaura Masahiro (Umi ni Furu, Kurofuku Monogatari, Roosevelt Game)
Cast: Yamamoto Maika, Shirasu Jin, Yamamoto Ryosuke, Funakoshi Eiichiro
Synopsis: Tachibana Maria (Yamamoto Maika) is a cheerful, lively high school girl. One day, she happens to encounter a zombie as the zombie population proliferates due to the effects of an unusually warm winter. She thinks she had a narrow escape but ends up getting scratched. The worse part is, the area where she was scratched turns zombie-like. It not only looks horrible but also has the odour of a zombie. Maria frantically frets about what she should do as she realises her progressive transformation day by day. Her childhood friend Hiyamizu Togo (Shirasu Jin), whom she secretly likes, loathes zombies because a zombie had taken his mother away. Maria decides to try and hide her transformation. However, there are lots of situations at school and even at home that continuously put her at risk of being exposed. Meanwhile, Maria’s friend Misono invites Togo and Makabe Takumi (Yamamoto Ryosuke), who likes Maria, and suggests a double date. Maria gets flustered when she learns that Misono likes Togo too and wonders what Togo thinks of herself. She is given a push by her father Shinichi (Funakoshi Eiichiro) who notices that she is troubled, and decides to go for the double date. Her feelings are unstoppable even though she is a zombie. But … …
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