TV Asahi Henai Drama Special 2016 ~ KinQ Sokuho

KinQ Sokuho

Date: From 12.20 a.m., 29 December 2016
Scriptwriter: Uyama Keisuke (Nobunaga Concerto, Omoni Naitemasu)
Cast: Yasuda Ken, Sukezane Kiki, Abe Junko, Yamamoto Hiroshi, Tsumura Noriyoshi, Yamamoto Keisuke, Furuhata Seika, Yamamoto Yoshiki
Synopsis: Jake Kobayakawa (Yasuda Ken) is a radio personality who has gained popularity for his heated condemnation of affairs and his declaration that philandering men are the lowest scum. In the eyes of the public, he enjoys the reputation of a devoted husband, but he is actually having an affair with the programme’s assistant director Maishima Rinka (Abe Junko). Jake is neither remorseful about his adultery nor honest to the other party. On Christmas day, a love therapist Saeki Yuri (Sukezane Kiki) comes on his live programme as a guest. Jake is greatly shaken when he sees her face. Yuri is none other than the woman he had nastily dumped after having an affair with her three years ago. Her nonchalance and the message on the smartphone that she holds out to him makes him flinch even more. It says, “I came to put you in hell!” This is Yuri’s revenge. Jake is given two choices. He has until the end of the programme to confess all the adultery he has committed or have photos that prove his affair with her distributed to weekly magazines. Jake does not have the courage to give up his celebrity lifestyle but the minutes of the live broadcast cruelly tick by. Yuri corners Jake in all sorts of ways in an attempt to make him publicly confess as he tries to get out of this situation without problems. And so a battle to the death begins between them … …
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