Fuji TV Christmas Drama Special 2016 ~ Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta

Unmei no Koi

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 20 December 2016
Scriptwriter: Oshima Satomi (Yassan, Taiyo no Wana, Koisuru Hae Onna)
Genre: Love comedy
Cast: Tabe Mikako, Takahashi Issei, Omasa Aya, Shison Jun, Yamada Yuki, Oshinari Shugo, Tanaka Yoji
Synopsis: 27-year-old Shirano Riko (Tabe Mikako), who plans love simulation games, has completely no expectations of real men. She industriously writes romantic scenarios that are full of idealism and wild imagination, thinking that “Since real men are disappointing, I’ll cultivate them!” Meanwhile, Kurokawa Soichiro (Takahashi Issei), the company president of an app company, TIMEISM, is asked to create a new love game. Although Kurokawa is a very desirable man for everything including his good looks and career, he regrettably cannot understand a woman’s heart. At a project meeting, Kurokawa insults Riko and Riko refuses to back down too. So this develops into a huge quarrel. One day, Kurokawa, who is troubled by his one-sided love for a subordinate Momose Haruka (Omasa Aya), asks Riko to give him lectures on romance, and she impulsively agrees. Riko makes great effort to instruct Kurokawa into becoming just like a character in her love simulation games. Her effort pays off and Kurokawa and Haruka quickly get close. However, Riko realises that she has at some point become attracted to him … …
Official Website: www.ktv.jp/xmas

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1 Response to Fuji TV Christmas Drama Special 2016 ~ Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta

  1. junny says:

    This sounds like a nice “old-fashioned” romance and I quite like both leads. Hope it’ll be good.

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