Retake ~ Toki o Kakeru Omoi


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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 3 December 2016

Fuji TV

Aratani Shinji has lost everything – his career, family and friends – as a result of the quirks of fate. As the head of the Census Management Section at the Ministry of Justice, he carries out a top secret mission direct from the Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, Kunisaki Shuzo, to isolate time travellers, who have come from the future, at a dedicated residential area and put them under probation. One day at the Tokyo Race Course, Aratani and his subordinate Nasuno Kaoru use binoculars to search for something on the stands where the crowd is full of excitement. The two of them eventually spot Tsuboi Nobuhiko, a man dressed in white. He is not holding a race sheet nor is he looking at the schedule. He simply keeps buying a little of the top three places as if he already knows the outcome. These are the trademarks of a time traveller. Aratani and Kaoru approach Tsuboi to tell him that their main duty is to time travellers and urge him to go to an isolation facility in their company. However, Tsuboi resists and runs away. Aratani returns to the section and is told by part-time employee, Powell Masako, to see Kunisaki. Kunisaki berates Aratani for failing to catch the man from the future. Aratani brings to his attention the fact that they have nothing to counter the powerful weapon that these time travellers have when they come – information from the future. The very least he can do is to increase the headcount for the section. However, Kunisaki pays no attention to Aratani’s request. Because it is rather commonplace for time travellers to get in touch with their present-day selves, Aratani and Kaoru locate a man who resembles Tsuboi and visit the house. But this ends in vain. The man only looks like Tsuboi, and has nothing to do with him. It is next to impossible for present-day people to search for time travellers so it is routine for Aratani and Kaoru to keep failing at it. On the way back, the two of them encounter a woman and her daughter who are handing out flyers at a park. They hear that the woman’s husband Kyozuka Daisuke stabbed a 14-year-old boy with a knife and was arrested for causing serious injury. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department seems to have said that results of a DNA analysis and footage from surveillance cameras confirm that Kyozuka is the criminal. However, the woman says she was here at this park with her husband and daughter on the day of the incident and she is now searching for eyewitnesses. After hearing this, Aratani and Kaoru are certain that the one who attacked the teenage boy is the Kyozuka who came from the future. Why did he travel to the present and do this? Aratani and Kaoru get to the truth faster than the police but will they be able to take him into custody with secrecy?

Tsutsui Michitaka as Aratani Shinji
The head of the Census Management Section at the Ministry of Justice. Although it is called a leisurely post with nothing to do and colleagues say behind his back that this is a job that does not matter, the section has in fact been given the top secret mission to clamp down on time travellers and put them under custody to head off any consequences in the present day. He had been successfully building his career, but two years ago, he was arrested on suspicion of molest and lost everything including his family, career and friends. Even though it was a case of mistaken identity and the case was dropped, he never met his wife and daughter again after that. He is the type who would prefer to leave things ambiguous rather than clear, cannot refuse if asked and does not rock the boat. He may appear halfhearted but he earnestly tackles his mission.

Narumi Riko as Nasuno Kaoru
A staff of the Census Management Section at the Ministry of Justice. Although she has been Aratani Shinji’s partner for just one and a half years and their age gap which makes him old enough to be her father, they are an extraordinary pair. She is good at dealing with things, catches on fast and has a strong sense of justice. Her tendency to help people in sometimes develops into trouble. She is liked by everyone because of her refreshing personality but she has no signs of friends and a boyfriend. Although she seems like an ordinary young person, she has no interest in trends and is also not on social media.

Atsushi as Yanai Kenji
A detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Although he is the younger brother of Aratani Shinji’s ex-wife Saeko, he and Aratani have continued to be friends. He is sensitive about his former brother-in-law’s mistaken arrest and the false charge against him. He often cracks jokes without reading situations and is not fully trusted by the people around him. His repeated advances at Nasuno Kaoru are torpedoed. He is fanatic about his many hobbies such as chasing idols and visiting castles.

Ono Nonoka as Onishi Ayako
The secretary of Kunisaki Shuzo, the Parliamentary Secretary for Justice. Because she does not know the true duties of the Census Management Section, she is suspicious of Kunisaki who summons Aratani Shinji on a frequent basis. She is fluent in foreign languages and won a grand prix for three consecutive years while studying at the Tokyo University for Foreign Studies. Her ambition was to be a news anchor but it did not come true.

Kinoshita Houka as Kunisaki Shuzo
A lawmaker of the House of Representatives and the Parliamentary Secretary for Justice. He is always calm and collected and his philosophy is to convey anger by expressing his words softly and civilly. Because of its great effectiveness, he is given the nickname “smiley” secretly within the ministry. The smile that he seems to paste on intimidates the people around him. In April 2015, he set up the Census Management Section due to the sense of crisis that he felt with the continued increase in time travellers.

Asano Atsuko as Powell Masako
A classmate of Kunisaki Shuzo during university days, she works as a part-time employee of the Census Management Section at his request. She plays a behind-the-lines support role to Aratani Shinji and Nasuno Kaoru who chiefly go out in the field, and at times she is also an armchair detective. Her careless way of speaking to her superior Aratani, is an expression of friendliness. She wants a daughter and is kind to Kaoru. She has a British husband and a son.

Hashimoto Hiroyuki (Soumato Kabushikigaisha, Hunter, Lost Time Life)
Akiyama Ryuhei (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou, Nagareboshi)
Peyoung Maki (Kichijoji Dake ga Sumitai Machi desu ka?)
Osada Ikue
Honda Takao (Daishou, Keishichou Sousa Ichi Kachou, Hondana Shokudo)

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