Yama Onna Nikki Season 1 ~ Onnatachi ni Itadaki o Mezashite


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 6 November 2016

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“Would you like to try climbing a mountain? You might find what you’re looking for over there …” Tachibana Yuzuki is a rookie mountain climbing guide around the age of 40 who has changed occupation. One day, she leads her first solo tour alone. The group consists of Shibata Yumi and Eto Ritsuko who both work at a department store, and Nishiyama Mitsuko, a staff of a nursing home. They are headed for two of Japan’s 100 famous mountains, Mt Myoko and Mt Hiuchi, in Niigata Prefecture. Yuzuki has to face these mountain climbing beginners who are there for their own reasons and experiences unanticipated trouble from her first day as she is made sport of by Kijima Takeshi, a senior guide.

Kudo Yuki as Tachibana Yuzuki
A single woman around 40 who has transformed from an employee of a top trading company to rookie mountain climbing guide. She wins the confidence of customers with her experience of overcoming the hardships of life and natural vitality, but is still worrying whether her own choices are really the right ones.

Kikawada Masaya as Kijima Takeshi
A younger mountain climbing guide who is Tachibana Yuzuki’s senior. He is a professional mountaineer. But he is childlike, follows Yuzuki about and keeps being a nuisance. He still has complicated feelings for his mother who abandoned the family to go to France. He lives with his younger sister Haruna.

Natsuna as Kijima Haruna
Kijima Takeshi’s younger sister. Although she is like the youth of today, she is a dependable person who works at the village office and provides for her hopeless brother. She feels that Tachibana Yuzuki has the same scent as her mother but also cheers her on as a like-minded person who aspires to be independent. She is a professional mountain climber like her elder brother and is a reassuring ally at critical moments.

Katase Rino as Kisaragi Naoko
The chairwoman of the Shinshu Mountain Climbing Guide Association. She used to be a mountaineer. A born and bred mountain woman whom Tachibana Yuzuki has the utmost respect for and has made her life’s goal. Ever since her husband died on the mountains, she has been maintaining the lodge ‘Kisaragi’ by herself. Beneath this strength are glimpses of loneliness of this proudly independent woman.

Hagiwara Masato as Yoshida Mamoru
Tachibana Yuzuki’s ex-boyfriend. He works as an engineer of erosion control dams at a construction company and his goal is to provide support for developing countries as a JICA international cooperation specialist. He believes in being free and is also a compassionate man who made Yuzuki decide on turning into a mountain climbing guide.

Yoshikawa Jiro

Original Work
Yama Onna Nikki by Minato Kanae

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