Fukuyado Honpo ~ Kyoto Love Story


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From 19 October 2016 (updated on Wednesdays)

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Fukuyoshi Hina, Arare and Hana are three sisters whose family run Fukuya, a 450-year-old traditional Japanese confectionery shop in Kyoto. This is the story of their individual romances, love of family and sacrifices for the sake of protecting tradition. One day, the free-spirited second sister Arare is suddenly ordered by their mother Komako to get married to Miyasako Kenji, the Japanese confectionery artisan who had been the fiance of her elder sister Hina, and take over Fukuya as the 18th generation. Hina, the eldest of the three sisters was supposed to be the successor, but she is tying the knot with the handsome Hiyama Kaoru who had been frequenting their shop, and has left home. Hiyama is a banker and the son of a distinguished family. A bewildered Arare quarrels with her mother and storms out of the house. Then Hiyama shows up at Arare’s workplace all of a sudden. Arare is surprised to be told that he and her sister are marrying without dating. She starts living in an apartment rented by the week, but Kenji comes by and the feelings he expresses shakes her. Meanwhile, Hina suddenly gets a proposal from her first love, the kabuki actor Ichioka Shojuro and wavers between the him and Hiyama. She eventually makes up her mind … …

* Sasaki Nozomi as Fukuyoshi Hina
* Hayami Akari as Fukuyoshi Arare
* Ichihara Hayato as Miyasako Kenji
* Maeda Oshiro as Iori Tomo
* Yamashita Kenjiro as Hiyama Kaoru
* Miyani Hina as Fukuyoshi Hana
* Onoe Ukon as Ichioka Shojuro
* Asano Yuko as Fukuyoshi Komako

Nagata Yuko (Garasu no Ashi, Resident, Renai NEET)

Original Work
Fukuyado Honpo by Yuchi Yayomi

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