Haikei, Minpaku-sama


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From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 26 October 2016


One day, Yamashita Kanta is suddenly laid off by his employer, a game company, due to the recession. His wife Saori, who works for the Labour Standards Supervision Office, gets scary when angry, so he keeps quiet about the truth. Kanta happens to find a seminar for B&Bs in an internet search and attends the event. One thing leads to another and he ends up starting a B&B business which is the trend now. At first, the B&B is faced with successive problems. Then the fact that Kanta was laid off is finally discovered at the worst possible timing and he has to deal with the possibility of divorce. Then Saori’s elder brother Enami Shohei and Kanta’s father Kanjuro, who used to run a traditional Japanese inn, get involved and he struggles to continue the B&B. Will the business perform well?

Arai Hirofumi as Yamashita Kanta
An ordinary salaryman who had been working for a game developer until he is informed that he is being laid off. He worries about not being able to break this news to his wife Saori. He joins a B&B seminar that he found on the internet and ends up starting a B&B.

Kuroki Meisa as Yamashita Saori
Yamashita Kanta’s wife who works for the Labour Standards Supervision Office. Enami Shohei’s younger sister. Her hobby is boxing and she has an unyielding temperament, but is actually not aggressive. She ends up allowing her husband to run the B&B after he goes down on his hands and knees to apologise.

Nakano Yuta as Enami Shohei
Yamashita Saori’s elder brother and Kanta’s junior. The owner of a public bath. Their parents died in a traffic accident 10 years ago while he was studying abroad and he hurriedly took over the family business. He is Kanta’s confidant.

Konno Anna as Tachikawa Miyu
A part-timer at a yakiniku shop. She is secretly in love with Enami Shohei and spends more time at the public bath than at the yakiniku shop.

Yoza Eriku as Hatakeyama Mitsuru
A colleague at the game developer that Yamashita Kanta had been working at. Yamashita’s good friend. He is good at JAVA and C# programming. He is interested in the B&B but has no courage to start his own business.

Suzuki Masayuki as Yamashita Kanjuro
Yamashita Kanta’s father. He lives alone in Aomori Prefecture. He ran a traditional Japanese inn until 10 years ago.

Nomura Shinichi

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