Sniffer ~ Kyuukaku Sousakan


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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 22 October 2016


“My nose is never wrong”. There is a man who can catch the scent of suspicious people. He is a consultant who only assists in solving particular important criminal cases. His name is Hanaoka Shinichiro. In the US, Hanaoka is called “The Sniffer” by the FBI. Once he gets a whiff, it goes without saying that he will uncover all the riddles with his extraordinarily keen sense of smell. One day, at a party for an influential Diet member on board a luxury cruise ship, Hanaoka picks out the scent of a man carrying concealed explosives and successfully prevents a possible act of terrorism. Meanwhile, detective Komukai Tatsuro is ordered to investigate a challenging case with Hanaoka shortly after being transferred to the Special Investigation Support Unit. Important figures in financial circles are being targeted one after another with an unidentified murder weapon. Despite Komukai’s shock at Hanaoka’s behaviour, Hanaoka uncovers the profile of the criminal from the scents left at the murder scenes. He solves difficult, bizarre cases with the compassionate detective Komukai.

Abe Hiroshi as Hanaoka Shinichiro
A consultant who has a superhuman sense of smell and assists in solving cases by smelling the scents left behind at crime scenes. He usually lives with a nasal plug, but once he removes it, and takes one sniff with his keen sense of smell, he will know the person’s age, gender, what he or she ate and even lifestyle. Besides investigating cases, he is researching whether people’s emotions have scent too. He has a daughter with Katayama Megumi.

Kagawa Teruyuki as Komukai Tatsuro
A kindhearted, compassionate detective. He belonged to Kitasenju Police Precinct’s Organised Crime Division, but was assigned to the newly established Special Investigation Support Unit. His duty is to take care of the warped and difficult Hanaoka Shinichiro. He gets led around by Hanaoka’s unconventional investigations and pushes back, but they gradually start to become good partners. Because he was dedicated to his work, he remained a bachelor and now lives with his elderly mother, Masako. He was a former candidate to represent Japan in pistol shooting at the Olympics.

Igawa Haruka as Suenaga Yuki
A beautiful ear, nose and throat specialist. She is curious about Hanaoka Shinichiro’s special sense of smell. Although she is annoyed that he always guesses what she ate for lunch because of the scent, her relationship with him gradually deepens. She loves chocolate with more than 90% cacao, but her personal life is a mystery.

Itaya Yuka as Katayama Megumi
Hanaoka Shinichiro’s ex-wife. They were in the same research lab during student days and fell in love because of some scent. Although they settled down, they realised that their personalities were not compatible and they got a divorce after three years. She is raising their daughter Misato, a high school student while getting child support from him.

Nomaguchi Toru as Uwabe Ichiro
He supervises the Special Investigation Support Unit. Although he was relegated to a department that is a burden, he is an elite police officer planning his reinstatement at headquarters. He has placed his hopes in Hanaoka Shinichiro’s special sense of smell but forces Komukai Tatsuro to manage Hanaoka because of his troublesome nature.

Hayashi Koji (I’m Home, Iryu ~ Team Medical Dragon Series)
Yamaoka Junpei (Juken no Cinderella, Tsuri Baka Nisshi, Sakura)
Mano Katsunari (Keiji 7-nin Series, ST Aka to Shiro no Sousa File)

Original Work
The Sniffer by Film.UA

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