Cook Keibu no Bansankai


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From 12.10 a.m., Thursdays, 20 October 2016


Kokku Hoshimitsu of the First Investigative Division is a professional “cook inspector” who solves cases. His investigation policy is “food doesn’t lie”. He has no tolerance for murderers who eat their favourite food without a care after getting away with crime. In order to understand the victims, he will recreate what they ate and focus on reaching a deduction. His partner is the rookie Nanase Azumi who has fulfilled her long-cherished dream to be a detective after developing a love of detective dramas. However, she finds herself stressed to the max because of his unrestricted investigations and also sandwiched between Kokku and the high-handed detective Nekota Norio. One day, Kokku is facing off against the stubborn owner of a popular ramen shop over the ramen when he is summoned by Azumi. She has received word that Anjo Saeko, who used to be a popular top actress, has fallen to death from her apartment. The first person who discovered her dead body is her manager Taguchi Hisashi. He says that he was told her last words over the phone right before her fall so Nekota insists it was a suicide. However, Kokku finds a Nagasaki Chanpon noodle dish left on the table while inspecting the scene and questions whether a person who was about to die would have made this. Then he notices something that gives him some certainty. He visits the apartment of actor Tokunaga Sadaharu who lives in the same building. When Kokku asks for his alibi, Tokunaga unexpectedly confesses that he was in Saeko’s apartment. Kokku then invites Taguchi and Tokunaga to a dinner party with Azumi, Nekota and the head of criminal investigations, Ichijo Chizuru. The truth of the case is revealed through a recreated dish of the Nagasaki Chanpon.

Emoto Tasuku as Kokku Hoshimitsu
A special missions inspector of the First Investigative Division. Nicknamed “cook inspector”, he has professional culinary skills and an unmatched sense of taste. He believes food does not lie and solves challenging cases with food too.

Kojima Ruriko as Nanase Azumi
An enthusiastic rookie detective of the First Investigative Division. She became a detective because she loves detective dramas. She is unhappy to be sandwiched between Kokku Hoshimitsu and Nekota Norio. She releases stress by binge eating sweets and watching detective dramas.

Enari Kazuki as Nekota Norio
An assistant inspector of the First Investigative Division. He calls himself a veteran detective and considers Kokku Hoshimitsu his rival. He seeks achievements but often jumps to the wrong conclusions.

Fuji Mariko as Ichijo Chizuru
The head of the Criminal Investigations Department. She is a gourmand and loves the food that Kokku Hoshimitsu prepares. She is impressed with him and is always present at his dinner parties to figure out criminals.

Funabashi Susumu

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