NHK Drama Special 2016 ~ Miyazaki no Futari


Date: From 10.00 p.m., 19 October 2016
Scriptwriter: Adachi Naoko (Underwear, Shitsuren Chocolatier, Sono Otoko Ishiki Takai Kei)
Cast: Moriyama Mirai, Emoto Akira, Ikewaki Chizuru, Ichige Yoshie, Harada Mieko, Ishita Yoshihisa, Adachi Yuki
Synopsis: In the 1960s to 70s, there was an unprecedented boom in honeymoons to Miyazaki Prefecture. At its peak, one in three married couples visited the prefecture. Now honeymoons where they go around to the places of their memories have become popular again among these couples. A retired man Koyama Yukihiko (Emoto Akira) comes alone. He keeps calling people names and is a rather unpleasant old man who is not happy with everything. 40 years ago, Koyama (Ishita Yoshihisa) and his wife Kyoko (Adachi Yuki) visited Miyazaki for their honeymoon. He is travelling with a mysterious postcard sent by Kyoko (Harada Mieko). Koyama meets a young local taxi driver Hidaka Eisuke (Moriyama Mirai) and Eisuke’s girlfriend Saya (Ikewaki Chizuru) whose mother Miho (Ichige Yoshie) ran a traditional Japanese-style inn at the height of the boom. Although Eisuke takes pride in telling tourists about Miyazaki’s local charms, Koyama ridicules and sneers at him. Meanwhile, Saya is frustrated with her relationship with Eisuke. Together with Eisuke and Saya, Koyama makes his way to the places that he had visited with Kyoko during their honeymoon to Miyazaki, and tries to regain time with his wife who had made sacrifices all this while, but … …
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