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24-year-old Yu is the second son of Takada Takayuki, the company president of estate development firm Takada Real Estate Co. His father is a perfectionist who has favoured his high-achieving elder son Ryuichi and been indifferent to Yu since Yu was a child. So Yu craves for his father’s love and wants his recognition somehow. On the day of the company’s 50th anniversary, Yu is nowhere to be found. Ryuchi goes in search of him. Yu has been working at the company as an employee. However, he is not warmly received by the other employees in comparison to his capable elder brother. Yu knows that too. That is why he is about to drink alone on this day. Yu uncorks the champagne bottle and ends up splashing a woman with champagne. He hastily apologises. When he is drinking it with her, he is discovered by an employee and gets brought back to the venue. Takayuki had even kept comparing the childhoods of his two sons during his speech. His hopes are concentrated on Ryuichi and he has never asked for Yu’s opinion on any important company matter. The next day, Yu is informed that a landowner is about to call off purchasing the land that he is in charge of. He goes to meet the landowner and feels helpless. However, when he returns to the company, the landowner calls to make the sale. It appears that Ryuichi was behind this. Yu is chosen to be a member of the project team for an outlet mall development. This is also Ryuichi’s doing. Yu is unable to accept it for what it is. When he goes to the project room, the woman he met at the party is there. She is Yahagi Azusa and is also an employee of Takada Real Estate Co. Azusa has just transferred to the company’s headquarters and encourages a passive Yu. He starts to put effort into the big project despite his unfamiliarity and gradually develops romantic feelings for her through work and an unexpected development. But ironically enough, Azusa turns out to be Ryuichi’s girlfriend … … Yu begins to realise what he truly treasures and matures as a person as he struggles with this complicated romance and with his older brother and father.

Yamada Ryosuke as Takada Yu
An employee of Takada Real Estate Co who has worked there for two years. He grew up as the younger brother of his perfect older brother Ryuichi and is considered by both his family and company as the hopeless younger brother who will not be good in whatever he does. Because he grew up in such an environment, he has no expectations of himself too. He ends up working together with Ryuichi’s girlfriend Yahagi Azusa on a project. That is when he realises that work is interesting and at the same time finds himself attracted to Azusa. As the nature of his relationships with his father, Ryuichi and Azusa changes bewilderingly, he faces repeated crisis and undergoes a drastic change.

Kiritani Kenta as Takada Ryuichi
Takada Yu’s older brother who is good at both studies and sports. The vice president of Takada Real Estate Co, he is regarded as the next company president and has lived with the sole purpose of gaining his father’s approval. However, he constantly battles with the pressure of having to be perfect at all times although he shows no outward signs. He has a girlfriend, Yahagi Azusa, and his personal life is going well. However, when Yu who was believed to need someone to look after him because he is undependable, starts to distinguish himself, this causes subtle differences in his relationships with his father and Azusa.

Kurashina Kana as Yahagi Azusa
An employee of Takada Real Estate Co. She is naive and gets along well with everyone. She is passionate and ambitious in her work, and her persistence starts to influence Takada Yu. Ryuichi who had also worked with her in the past, also appreciates her work attitude. She has a great respect for Ryuichi who spares nothing to achieve his goals.

Takashima Masanobu as Takada Takayuki
The president of Takada Real Estate Co and father of Ryuichi and Yu. A perfectionist who will do whatever it takes to achieve his objectives. He dotes on his elder son Ryuichi and has tremendous confidence in him. On the other hand, he has no expectations of his second son Yu, but noticed his creativity and sensitivity early on. He feels that his aversion to his father, the chairman of Takada Real Estate Co, has led to preconceived notions about Yu. However, the way he treats both sons starts to change after Yu starts to distinguish himself.

Yamazaki Hirona as Shibata Hikari
An employee of Takada Real Estate Co who joined at the same time as Takada Yu. She understands him well. He regards her as his good friend and drinking buddy. She has liked him ever since she joined the company. She realises that Yu does not have feelings for her but continues to be his friend.

Otsuka Nene as Hirose Saki
The proprietress of a small restaurant ‘Hirose’ which serves traditional Kyoto home-style cooking. It is patronised by many employees of Takada Real Estate Co. She knows both the Takada family and the company well. Takada Takayuki and Ryuichi used to make appearances frequently in the past. She is Yu’s confidant and understands him well.

Hira Mikijiro as Takada Soichiro
The grandfather of Takada Ryuichi and Yu, and father of Takayuki and Momoko. The founder and chairman of Takada Real Estate Co. He is retired and has tremendous faith in his son. Although he makes occasional appearances at the company, he does not interfere with its operations. However, he is sensitive to the changes in the company’s circumstances and in Takayuki, Ryuichi and Yu. Takayuki considers him a bother. He feels that Momoko and Yu have the same character as him.

Aso Kumiko (Hayako-sensei Kekkon Surutte Hontou desu ka, Zannenna Otto)
Kanazawa Tatsuya (Lucky Seven, Kareinaru Spy)

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1 Response to Cain and Abel

  1. junny says:

    I guess Ryuichi is going to be Cain, who gets jealous once Yu (Abel) starts to distinguish himself, and then tries to harm Yu. Meh if that turns out to be so. I’d rather Yu discovers his inner ambitious streak, decides he wants both his brother’s girlfriend and the business, and then sets out to get rid of Ryuichi. I doubt the drama will let fratricide happen for real though.

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