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Hoshino Mitsuko is the talented, award-winning chef of famous Michelin three-star French restaurant, La Cuisine de La Reine, in Ginza, Tokyo. She has drawn attention not just from Japan but also the world for the new recipes she continuously conceives with her delicate palate and unrivalled creativity. Gourmands around the world visit the restaurant for her cuisine and there is a three-year wait for reservations. Mitsuko has absolute confidence that there is no one in this world who will not finish her food. However, her world is turned upside down one day. La Cuisine de La Reine’s owner Shinoda Shogo brings a magazine reporter to the kitchen as Mitsuko tells sous chef Okudera Kenji and the rest of the team to start making preparations for deer meat. Shinoda sees her cutting the meat and is livid because he had informed a guest food critic that the specialty would be duck. The next morning, Mitsuko hears that the food critic who ate the food last night had food poisoning. Although she does not believe this, she is forced by Shinoda to resign and leave the restaurant. Even with her fame and skills, Mitsuko struggles to find a new restaurant due to Shinoda’s interference and her over-inflated pride. Then one day, she stumbles upon a job for a popular variety programme by the hotshot producer Yaguchi Saki where she will prepare school lunches for kids. When Mitsuko arrives at Mitsuba Elementary School, which will be her new workplace, she is astonished by the unmotivated cooks who work there. To top it off, there is a nutritionist and cook, Araki Heisuke, who tells her with a scowl that he decides the menu. School lunches is believed to be something easy for Mitsuko, but due to various differences in making dishes for gourmands and for students, things do not work out as expected and she even makes a series of rookie mistakes. Moreover, this is aired on TV and made known to the world. But with her tough-as-nails attitude, Mitsuko does not give up and starts to create school lunches in order to hear children say her food is delicious and also regain her lost stars. Will the ex-celebrity chef succeed in redesigning school lunch and pleasing the kids’ palate?

Amami Yuki as Hoshino Mitsuko
A talented female chef of an internationally famous three-star Michelin restaurant. She overcame the harsh training in the male-dominated culinary world with her toughness and tenacity, and trained at a well-known restaurant in Paris. After she returned to Japan, she became the head of of famous French restaurant La Cuisine de La Reine. She continuously conceives new recipes with her delicate palate and unrivalled creativity. She worked her way to be the top chef and her restaurant has three Michelin stars. Gourmands around the world visit the restaurant for her cuisine and there is a three-year wait for reservations. Those who have eaten her food are unanimous that it is the best.

Koizumi Kotaro as Shinoda Shogo
The owner of French restaurant La Cuisine de La Reine. He obtained an MBA in America and is an international management consultant who has turned around the operations of a number of companies with thorough research and bold thinking. After that, he ventured into running a restaurant, which was always his aspiration. He scouted Hoshino Mitsuko, the popular chef of a Parisian restaurant and opened La cuisine de La Reine. Mitsuko’s cuisine is a hit and the restaurant gets three Michelin stars.

Kawaguchi Haruna as Takayama Haruko
A university student who is interested in Hoshino Mitsuko. When she learns that Mitsuko was kicked out of French restaurant La Cuisine de La Reine and has started to make school lunches, she applies to be an assistant cook at that school and begins to work with Mitsuko after getting the job. She responds strongly against Mitsuko who tries to prepare school lunches in the same way as three-star Michelin food.

Toyohara Kosuke as Okudera Kenji
The sous chef of La Cuisine de La Reine. Hoshino Mitsuko’s right-hand man. He has the temperament of an artisan, possessing a high level of skill to faithfully recreate Mitsuko’s cuisine.

Tomochika as Yaguchi Saki
The hotshot, ambitious TV producer of a variety programme. She feels that Hoshino Mitsuko’s character will draw viewership ratings and uses her to create a programme segment. The uphill battle of a three-star Michellin chef creating school lunches gets a great response.

Endo Kenichi as Araki Heisuke
A school lunch nutritionist at Mitsuba Elementary School. He plans meals within the strict rules of school lunches such as the limited budget and preparation time and pre-determined nutrients.

Hamada Shuya (Naomi to Kanako, Haretsu)

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