NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2016 ~ Susume! Seikan Renrakusen


Date: From 10.00 p.m., 21 September 2016
Scriptwriter: Hatasawa Seigo
Cast: Yoshida Eisaku, Kino Hana, Onishi Shima, Tabata Tomoko, Misaki Ayame, Hiraizumi Sei
Synopsis: There is an extremely deserted ramen shop at the base of Mount Hakkoda in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture. Run by the hopeless 49-year-old Hattori Toru (Yoshida Eisaku), the only menu item is Kaikyo Ramen, a specialty of the Seikan Renrakusen ferry that plied between Aomori City and Hakodate City until it was discontinued 28 years ago. Toru is hung up on this ramen because of some “regret” left on that ferry. One day, a suspicious couple, Sunakose Akira (Onishi Shima) and Funabashi Yumi (Tabata Tomoko), bring an old man (Hiraizumi Sei) with dementia to the shop. The old man slurps ramen while the couple watch him anxiously. Toru wonders what they are about. Akira claims he is a counsellor and is trying to help the old man regain his memories at the request of his grandchildren. He says the Seikan Renrakusen is the key to those memories. If they can completely restore the former ferry, the Hakkoda-maru, that is moored at Aomori Port, to its former self, the old man is bound to regain his memories. Akira asks Toru to make the Kaikyo Ramen served on board the ferry. Although Toru is bewildered by this sudden request, he channels his past “regret” in the kitchen of the Hakkoda-maru. But this seemingly heartwarming story is a sham. Akira is actually a treasure hunter who has designs on gold and silver treasure. His childhood friend Yumi is a caregiver at the facility that the old man has been placed in and she had heard about the treasure from the old man. Akira’s true purpose is the Tsugaru Kaikyo’s treasure that only the old man knows where to find. Will they be able to locate the treasure? And what is Toru’s “regret”?
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