TBS Drama Special 2016 ~ Akai Hakubutsukan

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 29 August 2016
Scriptwriter: Okubo Tomomi (Mutsu, Kagi no Nai Yume o Miru, Good Life)
Original Work: Akai Hakubutsukan by Oyama Seiichiro
Cast: Matsushita Yuki, Yamazaki Yuta, Hoshino Mari, Yasuda Kei, Shigemori Satomi, Kayashima Narumi, Tsuda Kanji, Hasegawa Hatsunori, Miyakawa Ichirota, Fujita Tomoko, Ryu Raita
Synopsis: The criminal library, dubbed the “Red Museum”, is a police facility that stores the investigation materials and evidence of major crimes where the statue of limitation has run out. Its director Hiiro Saeko (Matsushita Yuki) set it up with strong convictions and researches the materials of the unsolved cases every day. Saeko is impassive and not good at communicating with people and does not have much contact with anyone besides the museum’s security guard Otsuka Keiichiro (Ryu Raita). One day, Terada Satoshi (Yamazaki Yuta) of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division is assigned to be Saeko’s subordinate. It is a demotion for a blunder he made. Information had leaked because Terada left behind investigation materials at a crime scene. Although he is bewildered by Saeko’s dispassionate demeanour, Terada starts to organise the data which is the primary responsibility of the museum. He encounters a traffic accident on the way to collect evidence. A truck has hit someone. When Terada rushes over, the victim utters the mysterious words “I committed a swap murder the 25 years ago” and breathes his last. Once Saeko hears this, she declares a reinvestigation. The “Red Museum” is a section which inspects unsolved cold cases with fresh eyes and solves them. The man who died in the traffic accident is identified as Tomobe Yoshio (Miyakawa Ichirota). Saeko hurries to the hospital and asks Tomobe’s wife Makiko (Fujita Tomoko) if she has any knowledge of the murder case 25 years ago. Makiko confides that her husband’s uncle Tomobe Masayoshi (Nozoe Yoshihiro) was mugged and killed in Kokubunji. Saeko focuses on two unsolved murder cases that occurred at the same time. One was the murder of the president of a real estate company in Akabane and the other was a housewife who was pushed to her death in Setagaya. If the murder was truly carried out, there is a high possibility that it could have been connected to either murder case. Terada is initially reluctant to investigate again, but decides to assist when he finds out that he has a chance of going back to the Criminal Investigations Department. Following Saeko’s instructions, he tracks down the people related to the respective cases in Kokubunji, Akabane and Setagaya and goes to get information. Saeko and Terada validate the shocking truth that is gradually revealed. As they are about to take another step towards the truth, a hoodlum attacks Saeko.
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/getsuyou-meisaku/20160829

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