Yowamushi Pedal


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From 9.00 p.m., Fridays, 26 August 2016

BS Sky Perfect

Onoda Sakamichi is an Akihabara-loving nerd who has just entered Sohoku High School in Chiba Prefecture. He has already made up his mind to join the school’s anime-manga club in order to make friends because he is not good at sports. However, at that same time, the club is effectively closed as it does not have sufficient members. Learning that the club will be reinstated if he can gather five members, Sakamichi scrambles to get members. In the middle of this, he gets to know classmates Imaizumi Shunsuke and Naruko Shokichi by chance and is asked to race on a bicycle. Although Sakamichi is reluctant, he takes up the challenge when he hears that Imaizumi will join the anime-manga club too if he wins. He finds unexpected joy in riding a bicycle and joins the bicycle racing club. Led by the captain, Kinjo Shingo, a third-year student, the formidable, individualistic members of the club are aiming to top the inter-high school meet. A novice at bicycle racing, Sakamichi experiences cycling with Imaizumi and Naruko, overcoming a welcome race for first-year students and a four-day 1,000 km endurance training camp that unleashes the makings of a cyclist who is good at riding uphill. The bicycle racing club changes significantly as a result of Sakamichi’s participation. Who will be chosen as members for the inter-high school meet?

Ogoe Yuki as Onoda Sakamichi
A geeky boy whose daily routine is to go to Akihabara because he loves figurines and anime. He unconsciously honed high cadence pedaling by cycling to Akihabara on a bicycle used for shopping. He makes the decision to challenge himself in road racing through an encounter with Imaizumi Shunsuke and Naruko Shokichi

Kimura Tatsunari as Imaizumi Shunsuke
He has made a name for himself as an all rounder who is good in sprints and hill climbs since junior high school. He appears cool but has a fighting spirit inside. He has vowed revenge on the guy who once beat him and stoically trains. He immediately recognises Onoda Sakamichi’s talent for road racing.

Fukazawa Taiga as Naruko Shokichi
A sprinter who has come from Osaka and loves showy, conspicuous things. He became a sprinter because being fast equates to being outstanding. Although he is not blessed with the physique, he overcomes adversity with his competitive spirit and sheer determination. He is one of the people who teaches Onoda Sakamichi the joy of the bicycle.

Gomoto Naoya as Kinjo Shingo
The captain of Sohoku High School’s bicycle racing club who possesses the ability to precisely assess situations. An all rounder who can handle flat and steep terrain, he is tenacious and not daunted by adversity. He believes in taking the entire team’s feelings to their goal and has the confidence of his teammates.

Sakurai Minami as Kanzaki Miki
A first-year student who is the manager of Sohoku High School’s bicycle racing club. Her interest is watching road racing. She teaches Onoda Sakamichi to enjoy riding the bicycle and also gives him appropriate advice.

Fukihara Kota

Original Work
Yowamushi Pedal by Watanabe Wataru

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