Fuji TV Drama Special 2016 ~ Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi

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From 9.00 p.m., 20 August 2016

Byoutou no Mitorizu
Story: Yoshikawa Ayumi (Takei Emi) obtains her nurse qualifications and finally begins working as a nurse at a hospital she is sent to. While making her rounds of the hospital at night, all sorts of things occur and she hears puzzling sounds but intends to get used to it. However, Ayumi gets caught in a terrifying incident beyond all imagination. This starts from the day an elementary school girl, Fujiki Mayu (Toyoshima Hana), is admitted to the hospital. The girl has fervently drawn a rough sketch of the hospital in her sketchbook. Then she points out a room and murmurs the word “die”. What is about to happen?
Cast: Takei Emi, Toyoshima Hana, Itaya Yuka

Oshiire ga Kowai
Story: Unable to give up his dream of being a hairstylist, Mikiya (Nakajima Kento) quits his job as a salaryman and comes to Tokyo. He begins to live at a cheap apartment that was also recommended by his friend Yoshiyuki (Maeno Tomoya), who came to Tokyo before him. Mikiya wears himself out working from morning until night as a trainee hairstylist and only goes back to his apartment to sleep. Then one day, he realises that the closet that is supposed to be closed, is one-third open. He can hardly believe the sound he hears from the closet! He can hear the voice of a youth. How will Mikiya confront this terror?
Cast: Nakajima Kento, Maeno Tomoya, Hankai Kazuaki

Mouhitori no Elevator
Story: Four girls (Ikuta Erika, Saito Asuka, Shiraishi Mai, Nishino Nanase) visit their friend, Kamizaki Ayana (Ikoma Rina), who has been hospitalised for a bone fracture. They are relieved to hear that Ayana has not had frightening experiences while staying in the hospital. But that is short-lived. In the elevator adjoining the hospital’s morgue, the four of them experience unexpected terror.
Cast: Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Saito Asuka, Shiraishi Mai, Nishino Nanase

Ryudousuru Wazawai
Story: One day, Kojima Yosuke (Bakarhythm) receives a wooden votive plaque from a client’s female employee, Kawata Chizuru (Yoshimoto Miu), at a drinking session. However, Chizuru resigns from the company after that, and a series of strange things happen in Yosuke’s company. Is there a curse because of the wooden votive plaque?
Cast: Bakarhythm, Kishii Yukino, Yoshimoto Miu, Riju Go

Sasou Numa
Story: Takamatsu Akinori (Yanagiba Toshiro) has come to a rental villa in the mountain to have fun with his son and daughter. Two years ago, his wife suddenly passed away and he still has not been able to recover from his feeling of loss. Late at night, a sleeping Akinori hears a voice like a woman’s. He quickly wakes up and when he looks out the window, he sees the figure of a woman come rushing in. Akinori believes his wife has come to see him, but … …
Cast: Yanagiba Toshiro

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