Fuji TV Drama Special 2016 ~ Totsugawa Keibu ‘Akujo’

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 29 July 2016
Scriptwriter: Tago Akihiro (Keiji Yoshinaga Seiichi Series, Yasashii Jikan)
Original Work: Totsugawa Keibu “Akujo” Kinugawa Shinjuu Jiken by Nishimura Kyotaro
Cast: Takashima Masanobu, Koizumi Kotaro, Yamamura Momiji, Komatsu Ayaka, Inoue Harumi, Ozawa Maju, Mabuchi Erika, Shigaki Taro, Kajihara Zen, Furuya Ikkou
Synopsis: Totsugawa Shuzo (Takashima Masanobu), the leader of Team Totsugawa, and detective, Nishimoto Akira (Koizumi Kotaro), from Totsugawa’s team are at the scene where the dead body of popular author Hiraki Akira (Shigaki Taro) was discovered and investigating the murder. The first person who found him is Hasegawa Shin (Kajihara Zen), the chief editor of a magazine. Hasegawa says he had discovered Hiraki when he visited him to fix problems regarding Hiraki’s publication in the magazine. In the autopsy after that, it is revealed that the cause of death was suffocation. A muscle-relaxant drug had been injected into the intravenous drip for Hiraki, who was suffering from terminal cancer. Obtaining a muscle-relaxant drug is not easy. Hiraki’s wife Yuka (Ozawa Maju) immediately comes back from Thailand after learning about his death. They have been living apart since one year ago. Yuka shows up with Hiraki’s attorney Kirino Ryoko (Inoue Harumi) and secretary Ienaga Tomomi (Mabuchi Erika), and gets questioned by Totsugawa and Nishimoto. Through subsequent investigation, Totsugawa and Nishimoto realise that this case resembles the ‘Double Suicide Peninsula’, a story that Hiraki wrote. In Double Suicide Peninsula, the protagonist is an artist who is completely absorbed in young model and at her mercy. Thinking that he will ruin himself if this goes on, he kills the model and buries her in a forest along the coast of the Miura peninsula. However, the artist’s feelings for her keep growing. In the end, he has a mental breakdown and commits suicide. When they examine the scene where the dead body was disposed, they discover the body of a woman who died an unnatural death. Is this story a real-life account? Totsugawa and his team move to find out the identity of this woman but … …
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/totsugawa

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