Crow’s Blood

Crow's Blood

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From 23 July 2016 (updated on Saturdays)


Isozaki Kaoru is an ordinary third-year high school student who attends a girls school that is not particularly remarkable. Togawa Maki, a transfer student from America, comes to Kaoru’s class. Maki is unfriendly and it feels as if she is here in body but not in spirit. Many students feel uncomfortable. Maki is clearly the odd one out for transferring schools in the middle of the third-year school term. Her background is a mystery and she makes no attempt to fit in with the people around her. Kaoru feels uneasy with the expressionless stares and curious smiles that Maki only casts in her direction, but starts to grow interested. While they are having lunch one day, black blood flows from Maki’s nose all of a sudden. Her classmates including Kaoru cannot hide their shock at this startling incident. Even after this, Maki’s mysterious behaviour continues and she gets more ostracised by the class. Why is her blood black and who exactly is she? One day, a shocking incident happens in school. Anyone who gets close to Maki in an attempt to solve this mystery gets involved in queer cases. Then the mysterious black blood infection spreads within the school. Together with occult magazine reporter Sawada Takeshi, who is interested in the strange incidents at the school, Kaoru sets out to uncover the mystery surrounding Maki. Meanwhile, Professor Seto Akihito of Higashi Nihon University Hospital, a researcher at the forefront of regenerative medicine, attends an international regenerative medical conference with his teacher, Professor Gary Grossman. During their panel discussion, Professor Seto voices his apprehension, warning that they are playing god. He thinks unregulated regenerative medicine will potentially subvert the laws of nature as an era approaches where 5cc of blood can regenerate all sorts of human parts and organs. A youth on a wheelchair barges in and protests. Is Professor Seto saying that he is stopping the only research that is supposed to save him? There is a huge uproar, but Professor Seto is confident that he is not wrong. However, a personal tragedy is about to strike that will overturn his own principles … …

Watanabe Mayu as Isozaki Kaoru
A third-year student of International Dolly Girls School. She is not outstanding in her class but has an unaffected, lively nature. A girl with common sense, a kind heart and concern for the people around her. She is always righteous and cherishes the people around her like they are her own family. As a series of bizarre incidents occur in the school following the arrival of the transfer student Togawa Maki, her curiosity gets the better of her fear and she makes a move to solve the mystery of these cases. As the story develops, her inner strength emerges and she develops into a more outgoing and humorous girl.

Miyawaki Sakura as Togawa Maki
A mysterious transfer student who comes to International Dolly Girls School. No one can read what she is looking at or thinking about from her expressions and her classmates have misgivings. She appears to have completely no interest in communicating with people but gets close to Isozaki Kaoru for some reason. One day, she startles her classmates when her nose suddenly bleeds blood that is black like a crow’s. Her background before she transferred schools is not known.

Miura Takahiro as Sawada Takeshi
The editor of the occult magazine ‘Mystery and Truth’ issued by a small publishing company called True Publishing. He discovers the strange incidents that have been happening at International Dolly Girls School on the internet and approaches Isozaki Kaoru in order to gather information. As an editor, he takes pride in his work pursuing bizarre cases and has a passion for the magazine’s interviews. He is a journalist who is full of justice.

Kashiwagi Yuki as Utsui Mai
The most popular girl at International Dolly Girls School. She is the group leader. Beautiful but spiteful, she attacks anyone who jeopardises her own position. She is hostile even to Togawa Maki and really swelling with vanity. But as the story progresses it becomes clear that she is wearing the mask of a tough girl. The true Mai is a kind girl who cares for her sick mother.

Bessho Tetsuya as Professor Seto Akihito
A professor of regenerative medicine at Higashi Nihon University Hospital. He went to America alone and devoted himself to regenerative medical research. A few years ago, he was invited as a professor by Higashi Nihon University Hospital. He is now playing a key role in driving regenerative medicine in Japan. Although he is opposed to unregulated regenerative medical treatment for human beings from an ethical standpoint, an incident overturns his principles.

Kaku Tomohiro as Tachibana Yoshio
A houseman at Higashi Nihon University Hospital. He is assisting in regenerative medical research under Professor Seto Akihito. He respects Professor Seto’s medical views and humanity but … …

Moto Azabu Factory

Original Work
Crow’s Blood by Akimoto Yasushi

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