Yassan ~ Tsukiji Hatsu! Oishi Jikenbo


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From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 22 July 2016

TV Tokyo

Penniless, homeless Yasu of Ginza is a profusely foul-mouthed, but caring, dignified man whom everyone knows and likes as Yassan. Respected by merchants at Tsukiji market and even the chefs of high-end hotels, he has unerring taste buds and knowledge of food. One day, a young man Takao, who has been wandering around the streets of Ginza in the centre of Tokyo feeling utterly exhausted, encounters Yassan in an unexpected way. He gets lectured about “living with dignity as a homeless person” and brought to Tsukiji market without reason. Although Takao is bewildered by Yassan, who walks the market with an air of familiarity, he is treated to seafood that is sold wholesale to a top restaurant and eats with gusto. Takao soon learns that Yassan is compensated for his reliable palate and knowledge of food, and begs to be his disciple. A queer pair is born. As Yassan’s disciple, Takao begins to work alongside him. They begin a splendid gourmet life, but all sorts of people who desecrate food behind the scenes appear. As the two of them punish these packs of hyenas, Yassan’s past is revealed little by little.

Ihara Tsuyoshi as Yassan
A homeless, penniless food genius. He has an extensive knowledge of food and connections and works like a food coordinator. The brokers of Tsujiki market and employees of surrounding high-end hotels count on him and his advice is sought each time he makes an appearance. He is called Yassan and familiar to everyone, but his past is shrouded in mystery. His motto is “live with dignity”. He has a foul mouth and seems harsh to people. However, he cannot leave people who have hit their lowest point alone.

Emoto Tasuku as Takao
Yassan’s disciple. He worked for an IT company, but had difficulties and resigned. He drifts from one job to the next and ends up homeless. He is saved by Yassan at a park where he collapsed. Hanging about with Yassan, he begins to remember to eat and cultivates a sensitive palate. He has a weakness for beautiful women and easily develops a crush. His palate and body are trained by Yassan and he starts to find his own way of life.

Yamamoto Maika as Misaki
A high school student with an excessive love for soba. She happens to encounter Yassan and Takao when she runs away from home in Hokkaido to become a soba specialist. She is sensitive and able to differentiate slight tastes because of a palate cultivated since childhood. She has a straightforward personality and also a tendency to behave recklessly. She particularly loves the soba at the famous shop ‘Hashida’ and the owner Hashida is her secret idol.

Itaya Yuka as Omoni
Yassan’s wife? The owner of a Korean restaurant in Shin Okubo. She does not mine her words and although she is intense in her delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure, she is compassionate and a busybody. She always prepares food for Yassan and Takao. She has known Yassan for a long time but their relationship is not clear.

Satomi Kotaro as Hashida
The fourth generation owner of the traditional soba shop ‘Hashida’. He silently faces soba with the temperament of a traditional artisan. He has clout in the vicinity of Tsukiji and offers unexpected hints. He knows about Yassan’s past and is also the only person whom Yassan opens up to.

Oshima Satomi (Hanamoyu, Koisuru Hae Onna)

Original Work
Yassan Series by Hara Koichi

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