Gurame! Souri no Ryoriban


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From 11.15 p.m., Fridays, 22 July 2016

TV Asahi

Prime Minister Ato Ichiro and political adviser Oguchi Junzo are facing each other in a room at the rear of a high-end Japanese-style restaurant. He is supposed to entertain Oguchi with food that uses seasonal ingredients of the highest quality, but Oguchi has not touched the food at all. While the atmosphere grows strained, a waitress serves Oguchi some food. And this food transforms the mood of the meeting. Ato’s private secretary Koga Seiji, who was present, asks the restaurant’s head chef what was served, but he does not remember the food. Then Koga suddenly recalls the movements of the waitress in the kitchen and immediately sends people in search of her. This waitress is Ichiki Kurumi, who was made a chef at Grande Maison Paris at the age of 25. The next morning, Kurumi is reading recipes at a second-hand bookstore as always when she receives a phone call to come to the Prime Minister’s residence. She visits the residence under tight security and is asked about what happened yesterday at the restaurant. She is also told of the plan to revive the “Prime Minister’s residence chef” as part of a policy to open up the residence – the first appointment since the time of Prime Minister Yoshida Shigeru close to 70 years ago – and sounded out about taking on the job. Although Kurumi rejects the offer, she is later forced to accept it. However, the chefs of the residence fiercely protest this sudden development. The culinary world is an all-male society, much less to say the traditional Prime Minister’s residence. The head chef Kiyosawa Haruki treats Kurumi with undisguised hostility and his underlings clash with her repeatedly as she starts to contribute to Japanese politics and diplomacy.

Goriki Ayame as Ichiki Kurumi
A young chef who trained in France. After returning to Japan, she happens to meet Koga Seiji at a traditional Japanese restaurant where she works as a waitress and enters the Prime Minister’s residence as the Prime Minister’s residence chef. Although her outspoken manner often makes the people around her hostile, she is a culinary genius in her resourcefulness, instincts and creativity. She serves Prime Minister Ato Ichiro and puts messages into each dish of food as his directly appointed chef.

Takito Kenichi as Koga Seiji
Prime Minister Ato Ichiro’s private secretary who is in charge of administering government affairs. Although he is not at the centre of politics, he is the Prime Minister’s trusted right-hand man who manages the residence and kitchen. It is his tactic to revive the Prime Minister’s residence chef for the first time in about 70 years in an attempt to restore the Prime Minister’s flagging support ratings and push through his reforms.

Takahashi Issei as Kiyosawa Haruki
A former chef of the Japanese embassy in Washington with an illustrious career. He reigns as the head chef who presides over everything from the large dining hall at the Prime Minister’s residence to catering and birthdays. However, his pride is hurt by the arrival of Ichiki Kurumi, who trained overseas, as the Prime Minister’s residence chef.

Shinkawa Yua as Tachibana Yuko
A Toyo TV political correspondent. He is critical of Ato Ichiro’s administration. Although he is skeptical about the necessity of the revival of the Prime Minister’s residence chef, he has a reason for this … …

Naito Risa as Ato Riko
Prime Minister Ato Ichiro’s daughter. She has been living with her father ever since her parents divorced. She supports him in the role as First Lady for practical purposes.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Ato Ichiro
The Prime Minister of Japan. He was wildly popular with the people and came into office by campaigning for reform. However, he has not made the desired progress in reforms and has been panned as “cold soup” by America. He lives with his only daughter Riko.

Hishida Shinya

Original Work
Gourmet ~ Daisaishou no Ryorinin by Nishimura Mitsuru

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