TV Tokyo Drama Special 2016 ~ Hoken Hanzai Chousain Saeki Hatsune ~ Kuuhaku no Kiten

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 20 July 2016
Scriptwriter: Hayashi Makoto (Yisan Sozoku Bengoshi, Doctor X Seasons 2 – 3, Strawberry Night Series)
Original Work: Kuuhaku no Kiten by Sasazawa Saho
Cast: Matsushita Yuki, Nakamura Shunsuke, Kurokawa Tomoka, Otomo Kohei, Shimizu Shogo, Okouchi Hiroshi, Mizusawa Aki, Takahashi Kazuya, Nishioka Tokuma, Nakamura Hashinosuke
Synopsis: Kokaji Michio (Shimizu Shogo), the managing director of Johto Bank falls to his death from a building. He had taken out a 20 million yen life insurance policy six months ago. But because he committed suicide less than six months after the policy was issued and no death benefit can be paid, Tohnichi Insurance’s investigator Saeki Hatsune (Matsushita Yuki) delves into the truth. The investigators of another company, Nitta Keiichiro (Nakamura Shunsuke) and Nagatsuka Seizo (Nakamura Hashinosuke), assist her. Kokaji has two children. But he did not seem to get along with his son and willed all 1 million yen under contract with five companies to Ayuko (Kurokawa Tomoka), the daughter he adopted at the age of 8. Hatsune visits Ayuko, but she says her father hates large insurance policies and even on the day of his death, he had an appointment to eat out with her. She had no idea that he was going to commit suicide. According to Nitta’s information, a man in a grey parka was apparently seen darting away from the building right after Kokaji plunged to his death. There is a strong possibility that he was murdered. It seems that the investigation should be completed if it was an accident or murder. However, Hatsune restarts the investigation because someone could have impersonated Kokaji, taken out an insurance policy and caused this incident with some objective in mind. When she questions the housekeeper Yamane Yoshiko (Mizusawa Aki), she learns that a man called Kokubun Hisashi (Otomo Kohei) had visited occasionally to ask for money about six months ago. Kokubun has a criminal record for fraud and was released from prison just a year ago. Meanwhile, Ayuko is pushed down a flight of stairs by someone. Although her life is not in danger, her attacker’s features bear a strong resemblance to the man who left the scene of Kokaji’s fall. Hatsune and Nitta pay a visit to Kokubun’s home. Hatsune confirms that there is a grey parka in the house. Detective Korai Takehiko’s (Nishioka Tokuma) help strengthens their belief that Kokubun was involved with Kokaji and Ayuko’s incidents. Meanwhile, they get information that Kokubun’s car is headed in the direction of Zushi City. In fact, Kokubun committed fraud in the city 25 years ago, and at that time, Kokaji worked at the Zushi branch of Johto Bank. What kind of relationship did the two of them have? Then Hatsune and Nitta see a man plunge from a cliff into the sea while they are investigating around the coast. When the two of them come rushing over, they find Kokubun’s dead body floating in the sea … …
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