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One day, at a park near Yokosuka’s wharf, the sounds of a brass band of boys and girls ring out under the command of an elderly man. “Tenderly, gracefully … …” he calls out as he passionately instructs them. He is Higuma Koichi who was active as a saxophone player in an orchestra until the aftereffects of an accident forced him to turn his back on music, retire and start music classes at home. Odagiri Kanji, the principal of Misaki High School, gazes at Higuma with interest. With one year to his retirement, he yearns to face his troubled students and give them a good high school life. He wonders whether the children have been looked in the eye so far. Deciding to invite someone like Higuma to the school and start coaching them from fresh, he earnestly asks Higuma to come to Misaki High School. Hearing this from her father, Higuma’s only daughter, Natsuki, objects out of concern that he will be working in a school where violent incidents happen frequently. But overwhelmed by Odagiri’s fervour, Higuma visits Misaki High School with the intention of taking a brief look around. Then he encounters a group of delinquents Aoshima Yuto, Kido Raren, Kuwata Yuji, Anbo Keita and Takamoku Kinya by chance. Although Higuma attempts to rebuke them for doing whatever they please, Aoshima does not take him seriously at all. “We’re the law here,” he says with the attitude of someone who holds adults with scorn. Higuma makes the decision to face the students at Misaki High School. Introduced as a former professional saxophonist to all the students of the school, Higuma addresses them, “Shall we cherish the present more and try to live our dreams?” Moved by his words, Arima Nagisa, the leader of the brass band, bows her head and asks him to be the band’s advisor. Higuma soon begins to guide the band’s activities. However, he has to deal wth problem students who have lost their dreams as well as the opposition of both teachers and parents to a professional musician entering the classroom. The path is not easy for him. Even so, Higuma rediscovers his dream, confronts the students head-on and starts to coach the band with the intention of conveying to them that “music comes from the heart”. Despite their bewilderment, the students begin to reciprocate his passion for music.

Terao Akira as Higuma Koichi
He had been active in an orchestra as a saxophone player, but could no longer perform as he wishes due to the aftereffects of an accident, and gave up professional activities. After that, he holds music classes at home and teaches students. But one day, he is invited by Odagiri Kanji, the principal of Misaki High School who saw his rehearsal, and accepts mentoring the brass band.

Tabe Mikako as Higuma Natsuki
Higuma Koichi’s only daughter. Like her father, she is a strong-minded and sensible person. Although she makes a fuss about her father agreeing to mentor the brass band at Misaki High School, which is in shambles, she constantly worries and supports him.

Mackenyu as Kido Raren
A member of a group of delinquents. A calm and collected person who looks at everything objectively. However, he gradually starts to express his feelings through his meeting with Higuma Koichi. He is childhood friends with Aoshima Yuto.

Murakami Nijiro as Aoshima Yuto
The leader of a group of delinquents. He had formed a band with Kido Raren, Kuwata Yuji, Anbo Keita and Takamoku Kinya but his left hand was injured in a brawl during a performance and he is no longer able to play the guitar. The band subsequently breaks up.

Ishii Anna as Arima Nagisa
A cheerful, outgoing, hard worker and the leader of the brass band. She is childhood friends with Kido Raren and Aoshima Yuto and is concerned about them after their band breaks up.

Kitamura Takumi as Anbo Keita
A member of a group of delinquents. He has an honest character and worries about Aoshima Yuto who can no longer play the guitar.

Sano Gaku as Kuwata Yuji
A member of a group of delinquents. Although he is fashionable and superficial on the surface, he actually has a warm heart.

Ishizaki Koji as Odagiri Kanji
The principal of Misaki High School. He has a good-natured, gentle personality and understands Higuma Koichi well. He wants to save the school which has frequent incidents of violence. At that point, he encounters Higuma and invites him to Misaki High School.

Izumi Yoshihiro (Death Note, Gokuaku Ganbo)

Original Work
Brass Band Kids Rhapsody & Brass Band Kids Odessey by Ishikawa Takako

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