Seisei Suru Hodo, Ai Shiteru


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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 12 July 2016


Kurihara Mia works for the public relations department of Tiffany Japan and her job is her life. During a business trip, she loses the engagement ring that she had received when her boyfriend Yamashita Yota proposed and is flustered. But with the help of a man who happened to be around, she successfully recovers it. Although Mia feels relieved, she does not have the heart to accept Yota’s one-sided suggestion that she quit her job and go along with him to his parents’ home, and intends to reject his proposal. After returning from the business trip, Mia takes a look at the face of her company’s vice-president Miyoshi Kairi, who has come to the public relations department as part of training, and is shocked. He was the man who had helped her search for her engagement ring. To top it all, she has to work alongside him as his trainer. Mia makes great effort despite being assailed by numerous difficulties, and Kairi is severe at times and yet gentle at others as he watches over her. Mia’s heart is captured by him little by little. Then one day, a stalking Yota marches into her company in a sudden visit. Mia runs away trembling but Kairi happens to be there. She is rescued by him and they end up kissing … … However, Kairi already has a wife … …

Takei Emi as Kurihara Mia
An employee of Tiffany Japan’s public relations department. Because she loved seeing her mother’s accessories since she was a child and was fascinated by the Tiffany necklace that was bought for her for the first time when she was 16, she has dreamt of working at Tiffany all along. She is a cheerful, positive tireless worker and can be single-minded and at times show a stubborn side in her work. Besides jewellery, she also has a great interest in fashion and habitually takes notes of the jewellery that catches her eye in her notebook for her job. She shares a room with Masaki Akari and Miyama Chiaki, her two good friends from elementary school days. She finds work fulfilling and has been in a quandary after being asked to marry and also told by her boyfriend to quit her job. Then she meets Miyoshi Kairi and gradually starts to get drawn to him.

Takizawa Hideaki as Miyoshi Kairi
The vice-president of Tiffany Japan. He was originally an architect and has also been recognised in the US as an important figure. His uncle Miyoshi Yoshitsugu is the company president of Tiffany Japan. At Yoshitsugu’s request to become his successor, he takes up the position of vice-president. He is partnered with Kurihara Mia at the public relations department for three months because of in-house training. He has a stern tone and a rather cold image, but he makes levelheaded judgments for work. He guards his private life, but he seems to be married because he wears a ring on his left ring finger. However … …

Nakamura Aoi as Miyazawa Ryo
The deputy department manager of public relations at Jimmy Choo. He is reputed to be highly competent and joined the company after being headhunted by Jimmy Choo. He has an affable image because he uses Kansai dialect, but his heavy-handed way of doing things has also spread within the industry. He is aware of Kurihara Mia and Miyoshi Kairi, and gives them a hard time, but his real intentions are … …

Mizusawa Erena as Masaki Akari
Kurihara Mia’s good friend since elementary school and roommate. She is the editor of a literary magazine at a big publishing house. She is a dependable and diligent person. Although she and another ex-classmate Miyama Chiaki are completely opposite in personality, she believes there is also a longstanding reason for this difference. She has a great love for literature and fiercely pushes Kuno Atsushi, a new writer that she is in charge of, for the best new writer award. Although she is interested in Kuno not just as a writer but also as an individual, she does not say that this is separate from work because she is in love with his talent.

Triendl Reina as Miyama Chiaki
Kurihara Mia’s good friend since elementary school and roommate. She is a fashion model. A cheerful and easygoing person who does not fuss over details. She immediately says what she thinks without any inhibition. Although she may be chided by the people around her, she does not care at all. Even though she spends little time together with Mia and Masaki Akari because their hours are different, she likes having her own freedom. She is the type who will greedily push her way to what she wants.

Nakamura Hayato as Kuno Atsushi
He writes novels besides working as a trader at a big brokerage house. He suddenly wins an award for best new talent for a novel that he wrote. Because he is fairly confident in everything, he takes both his job and literature lightly. He tries to make a move on Miyama Chiaki but is treated coldly and this gets him fired up. He was Miyoshi Kairi’s junior in university.

Matsudaira Ken as Miyoshi Yoshitsugu
Miyoshi Kairi’s father’s older brother and the company president of Tiffany Japan. Although he has a gentle manner and a mild image, his dedication and stoicism in work is boundless. He calls Kairi back from the US to make him his successor. But in fact, an astounding hidden truth lies behind this … …

Lee Jeong Mi, Watanabe Mako (Akutotachi wa Senri o Hashiru, Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu!), Inoue Seiji

Original Work
Seisei Suru Hodo, Ai Shiteru by Kitagawa Miyuki

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