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From 12.52 a.m., Saturdays, 9 July 2016

TV Tokyo

Yoshioka Yuiko is in bed with a cold for one week at the same time as high school starts. She receives a phone call from her class prefect Matsubara-kun whom she has not met yet. Yuiko is drawn to his voice right from the first time she hears it over the phone. Although this is a call to show concern for a classmate’s health, she finds her heart pounding because of Matsubara-kun’s kind voice. The next day, Yuiko hauls herself up to attend her first day at school. However, she ends up feeling light-headed on the way to her classroom as she is still recovering. A male student coming in her direction gently supports and helps her. Yuiko knows without a doubt who he is from the kind voice that envelopes her. Suppressing her thundering pulse as she raises her head, she looks up to find that the guy standing in front of her is wearing a paper bag over his head … …!? This is the start of Yuiko’s slightly peculiar, heart-thumping high school life.

Nagano Mei as Yoshioka Yuiko
A straighforward high school student who is good-natured about everything. She is gradually drawn to Matsubara-kun’s kind voice and warm character.

Ryusei Ryo as Hyodo Makoto
The strait-laced, pure president of the student council who is not immune to females. He starts to become aware of Yoshioka Yuiko after giving Matsubara-kun student counseling and guidance.

Sakurai Takahiro as Matsubara-kun (voice)
The class prefect who always wears a paper bag over his head. There seems to be a reason why he does this.

Ochiai Motoki as Kagaya Yuichi
Matsubara-kun’s good friend since junior high school days.

Otomo Karen as Nishizono Aki
Yoshioka Yuiko’s childhood friend and close friend who understands her very well.

Shiraishi Shunya as Yoshioka Kyoshiro
Yoshioka Yuiko’s elder brother. A university student. He is good at cooking.

Ohashi Rieko (Kari Kare, Kuro no Onna Kyoushia)
Miura Naoyuki

Original Work
Koekoi by Doruru

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