Kami no Shita o Motsu Otoko


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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 8 July 2016


Tomonaga Ranmaru has taste buds that can analyse the components of what is on his tongue in the style of gas chromatography. He has been staying on Mt Ibuki all along. But he encounters an enigmatic hot spring geisha called Miyabi at the funeral service for his grandfather Heisuke and falls in love with her. Ranmaru happens to meet a wandering antique dealer, Kamekanbo Hikaru, and the mysterious Miyazawa Kanji through a strange turn of events. The trio ride together in a battered car and set out on a journey across Japan in search of the whereabouts of Miyabi. They first reach the secluded hot spring Yunishigawa in Tochigi Prefecture’s Oku Nikko region, which has gone down in legend as a hot spring area where the fugitive Heike clan fled to. When they arrive at the inn, they discover that Miyabi has just left with a man. Ranmaru, Hikaru and Kanji hastily try to go after her, but the car is out of gas and silently stalls. They have no money because of Hikaru. Disregarding the disheartened Ranmaru, Kanji makes a crazy offer to the female proprietress Misuzu, “Will you let us stay one night if we scrub, pour hot water and shoulder massage as bath attendants?” Ranmaru is the grandson and disciple of Tomonaga Heisuke of Otsu, who is called the legendary bath attendant. Then Ishihara, the president of the hot spring association rushes in with news that a dead body was found at a nearby river. Hikaru, who is a big fan of two-hour suspense dramas, pokes her nose in and they end up getting involved in the case … …

Mukai Osamu as Tomonaga Ranmaru
A graduate student of Kyoto University’s department of pharmacy. His father Ryusuke is confined on Mt Ibuki in Shiga Prefecture for academic research. His late grandfather Heisuke had been a bathhouse attendant at Shiga Prefecture’s Otsu hot spring and he was groomed to be a bathhouse attendant because Heisuke worried about his reclusive life. Ryusuke is a professor at Kyoto University’s department of pharmacy and Mt Ibuki is his research site. He developed very sensitive taste buds because his father made him taste all sorts of wild grass containing toxic substances and minerals from a young age. When he kisses someone, all sorts of things inside the person’s mouth come to mind so he cannot be in love and psychologically rejects females. However, he encounters a geisha called Miyabi at his grandfather’s funeral service and falls in love as fate would have it, but … …

Kimura Fumino as Kamekanbo Hikaru
A wandering antique dealer who has no shop. She obtains curios very cheaply at local flea markets and palms them off as antiques of proper origin in what is clearly fraudulent business. She is saving money and dreams of having a shop on Aoyama’s antique street. An enthusiast of two-hour suspense dramas, she would act like the amateur detective in these dramas in murder cases that occur wherever they go and make deductions from the audience’s point of view, but her guesses are no doubt wrong. Although she is in love with Tomonaga Ranmaru, he ignores her. But she is completely undaunted and a very positive person.

Sato Jiro as Miyazawa Kanji
What he had been doing until he met Tomonaga Ranmaru is a mystery. He takes it upon himself to manage the naive Ranmaru on the pretext protecting him. He explains that if they solve the cases, they will discover the whereabouts of the shadowy Miyabi and goes on a journey with him.

Takuma Shin as Tomonaga Ryusuke
Tomonaga Ranmaru’s father. A professor at Kyoto University’s department of pharmacy. Shiga Prefecture’s Mt Ibuki, which has a treasure trove of medicinal plants, is his research site. He has made Ranmaru eat all sorts of natural medicine from a young age for his own research.

Hino Shohei as Tomonaga Heisuke
Tomonaga Ranmaru’s grandfather. He had been a bathhouse attendant at Shiga Prefecture’s Otsu hot spring. He is called Heisuke of Otsu and nicknamed the legendary bath attendant. He worried about Ranmaru’s reclusive life and made him his disciple in order to make him learn a trade.

Hirosue Ryoko as Miyabi
An enigmatic hot spring geisha that Tomonaga Ranmaru is in love with.

Sakurai Takeharu (Yamegoku, Take Five, Ataru Series)

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