Isan Sozoku Bengoshi Kakizaki Shinichi


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From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 7 July 2016


Unconventional, intriguing Kakizaki Shinichi, a lawyer specialising in inheritance cases, has set up an office in squalid part of Yokohama. He once capably played the role of legal adviser from criminal to corporate cases, but was punished and lost credibility after violating the Attorney Act in a case two years ago. Saddled with a huge debt, Kakizaki has difficulty regaining the confidence of his clients and had operated out of his car. One day, he unexpectedly gets a request to handle a wealthy old man’s inheritance issue from the man’s wife, Junko. She is a “six-hour wife” whom Yamagishi registered six hours before he passed away. Yamagishi’s daughter, Rinko, says Junko was after the estate and cheated her father. She insists that the inheritance does not need to be handed over because the marriage is void. Kakizaki is rewarded handsomely without appearing to court and this taste of success encourages him to become a lawyer specialising in inheritance. Coupled with the ageing society, Kakizaki gets a steady stream of visitors with all sorts of inheritance problems every day and solve these cases with peculiar methods.

Mikami Hiroshi as Kakizaki Shinichi
A lawyer of ‘Last Request’, a law firm specialising in inheritance. His policy is to find out the true value hidden in an estate, convert it into money and get a small share of it. He used to be a hotshot lawyer until he was punished for some trouble two years ago. He loves making money and also loves using it. He has borrowed a lot from illegal money lenders even though he is a lawyer. Twice divorced and single now, he is in a relationship with Mizutani Miki that is neither intimate nor distant, but is not in love with her.

Morikawa Aoi as Marui Hana
A rookie lawyer who works for Kakizaki Shinichi. Because she grew up in circumstances where money was just barely enough, she has a very strong attachment to money. Even though she has become a lawyer, she has no qualms betraying her boss for money. There are rumours that she seduced the professor in charge of designing the questions for the bar exam and passed.

Sakai Wakana as Mizutani Miki
Kakizaki Shinichi’s girlfriend. A dentist who runs a dental clinic that caters to the wealthy. She makes use of him to target the estates of rich, old people. She has all sorts of qualifications and runs diversified businesses.

Toyohara Kosuke as Kawarai Sho
The president of an illegal money lender. Although he treats the socially vulnerable kindly, he mercilessly collects debt from Kakizaki Shinichi, who has borrowed from his company, once Kakizaki gets fees from a successful case. Although his name is pronounced as Kawarai, Kakizaki and Marui Hana call him, Kabarai. He appears to have some connection with Kakizaki in the past.

Hayashi Makoto (Doctor Chousahan, Doctor X Seasons 2 – 3, Strawberry Night Series)

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