Furenaba Ochin


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From 11.15 p.m., Tuesdays, 28 June 2016

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Housewife Kamijo Natsu wavers between being a mother and a woman. She has devoted her life to her husband Yoshiyuki and their two children, Makio and Yumika. Her days are busy taking care of the family’s needs, she does not put extra effort into clothes and makeup, and her femininity has now vanished. One morning, Natsu hears gossip from fellow housewives who also live in the company dormitory. Komaki Rie , her friend in the same company dormitory, has run away with her lover, leaving behind her husband Wataru and son Ryo. Family matters most to Natsu and she reacts with disbelief. Then Natsu receives a phone call from Rie. Rie says she is living life to the fullest and does not feel any prick of conscience. Shortly after that, a young man, Saeki Ryu, moves in downstairs. In an attempt to get Natsu to regain a little of her femininity, Yoshiyuki has asked Ryu, who is his subordinate, to seduce her. However, this is the start of a forbidden romance. Natsu ends up falling in love with this young man in spite of her superficial husband … …

Hasegawa Kyoko as Kamijo Natsu
A housewife who does all housework perfectly for her family. She does not care about herself and is completely unfeminine. However, when Saeki Ryu moves into the company dormitory where she is living, a forgotten part of her is stimulated and she gradually develops a romantic interest in him … …

Narita Ryo as Saeki Ryu
A member of a theatre company and a temporary employee working for the company of Kamijo Natsu’s husband, Yoshiyuki. He is a ladies man who immediately wins the heart of any female he speaks to. He encounters Natsu who completely ignores hi8m and although he knows that she is the wife of his boss, he truly falls in love with her.

Tsurumi Shingo as Kamijo Yoshiyuki
Kamijo Natsu’s husband. The section head of Tsubasa Electronic Solutions’ Sales Department and Saeki Ryu’s boss. He treasures Natsu who puts the family first. He would never think that she will like any man other than him and casually leaves her alone with Ryu.

Toda Naho as Komaki Rie
Kamijo Natsu’s friend who lived in the same company dormitory. She fell in love with the younger store manager at her part-time workplace, abandoned her family and ran away. She later learns about Natsu’s secret romantic interest and becomes her trusted confidant.

Shimoda Shota as Komaki Ryo
Komaki Rie’s son. He worries about his mother leaving home. In the middle of this, he happens to see Saeki Ryu kiss Kamijo Natsu … …

Furuhata Seika as Wakabayashi Midori
Kamijo Yoshiyuki’s subordinate. She is aggressive and single-minded in going after a guy she likes but she has also been hurt by love in the past. She falls in love at first sight with temporary employee, Saeki Ryu, and attacks. Her love rival is the wife of her respected boss … …

Jyonmyon Pe as Shige
The stage director of the theatre company that Saeki Ryu belongs to. He learns that Ryu is really in love with Kamijo Natsu and supports him. Although he has his eye on Wakabayashi Midori, he is snubbed by her.

Adachi Naoko (Underwear, She, Shitsuren Chocolatier)

Original Work
Furenaba Ochin by Oda Yua

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