Asa ga Kuru


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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 4 June 2016

Fuji TV

45-year-old Kurihara Satoko and her husband Kiyokazu, who works for a publishing firm, have been leading a modest and happy life with their 6-year-old son, Asato. In fact, Asato is not their biological child. He was adopted through a special adoption agency that they happened to learn about when they were about to give up having children after two long years of difficult fertility treatments. Satoko had thought that this happiness would last, but on the day of Asato’s birthday, she receives a phone call from a mysterious woman identifying herself as the boy’s mother, Katakura Hikari. “I’m Katakura. I want my child back. I gave birth to Asato-kun.” These words are a sudden shock to Satoko. Then one day, she is informed that Asato has gone missing from his kindergarten and the home intercom rings. When Satoko opens the front door, a blonde-haired girl is standing there with a bitter look … … Six years ago, Katakura Hikari arrived in Hiroshima. She was pregnant with the child of her junior high school classmate. It was decided that she would put her child up for adoption because of her parents. Asami Yoko, the representative of a special adoption support group, accepted her warmly. There was also another pregnant girl, Hirata Konomi.

Yasuda Narumi as Kurihara Satoko
After graduating from university, she got a job at a publishing company. She got married to her colleague Kurihara Kiyokazu at 27. They had difficulty conceiving a child and she started fertility treatment at 36. However, they learned that it was due to Kiyokazu and gave up after two years of treatment. After that, they decided to adopt a child. She has been leading a happy life with Kiyokazu and their son Asato. But a mysterious woman claiming to be Asato’s birth mother, Katakura Hikari, shows up … …

Kawashima Umika as Katakura Hikari
She makes a call to the Kuriharas on the day of Asato’s 6th birthday. Giving her name as Asato’s birth mother, Katakura Hikari, she tells Kurihara Satoko to “give back the child”.

Tanaka Naoki as Kurihara Kiyokazu
Kurihara Satoko’s husband. He works for a publishing company and is the deputy editor of a weekly magazine. He was attracted to the diligence and kindness of Satoko who joined the company at the same time and they got married. He learns that he is the reason why they cannot have children. Despite the shock, he welcomes Asato as his adopted son and gains happiness. He feels that it is his duty to protect the family.

Satsukawa Aimi as Goto Kasumi
Kurihara Kiyokazu’s subordinate who works for the publishing company. Although she is an excellent employee with a keen mind, she is a failure in relationships and has been having affairs with married men. She is critical of families.

Ishida Eri as Asami Yoko
The head of Baby Baton, a special adoption support group. Even though she is struggling with financial difficulties, she continues to operate it because she thinks of the girls who come to her as her own family.

Takahashi Maki (Kekkonshiki no Zenjitsu ni, Alice no Toge)

Original Work
Asa ga Kuru by Tsujimura Mizuki

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