Kodaike no Hitobito


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From 4 June 2016 (followed by movie)


Mitsumasa, Kazumasa and Shigeko, the three siblings of the Kodai family, possess telepathy and this has led to many nerve-wrecking incidents. Their aunt Anne narrates how their parents met and fell in love. 30 years ago, Yukiko was a fourth-year student at a prestigious private university. She was devoted to tennis and would speak her thoughts because of her frank personality. Yukiko learnt about the existence of Kodai Shigemasa (Masao), who had been admitted from Oxford. Described as a prince for his good looks, Shigemasa was popular at the university, but was completely unable to read situations. One day, Yukiko’s friend Nao and Masao started dating and Yukiko congratulated her. However, she detected Masao’s unfaithfulness immediately after that. Although Yukiko mediated and tried to make the two of them reconcile, they broke up in just one week. Masao then promptly confessed his feelings for Yukiko. This made her explode in anger. She shouted at him and felt scornful but … …

Komatsu Nana as Fukamaru Yukiko
Mamiya Shotaro as Kodai Shigemasa (Masao)
Saito Takumi as Kodai Mitsumasa

Miura Kisa

Original Work
Kodaike no Hitobito by Morimoto Kozueko

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