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Tokunaga, a young and struggling entertainer, goes to Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture for work and has an electrifying encounter with an older entertainer Kamiya, at a fireworks festival. Drawn to Kamiya’s uncompromising style and genius, Tokunaga asks to be his disciple. Kamiya agrees with the condition that Tokunaga writes his life story. The two of them start going out for drinks in the evenings and talk passionately about stand-up comedy. Opening his heart to Tokunaga, Kamiya discloses his own unique stand-up comedy philosophy and Tokunaga tries to absorb everything. But over time, the two of them start to disagree little by little. The path that each of them will eventually take is decidedly different. Tokunaga slowly begins to get popular as one-half of the duo called Sparks while nothing goes as intended for a struggling Kamiya. Then one day, saddled with debt, Kamiya suddenly disappears … …. This is the story of the friendship and struggles between two performers trying to make it in the competitive world of show business.

Hayashi Kento as Tokunaga Ayuta
The funny man of the comedy duo called Sparks. He is feeling out of ideas for stand-up comedy when he happens to encounter Kamiya Saizo while performing at a fireworks festival. Kamiya’s sense of humour, fastidiousness and uncompromising position jolts him. He appeals to Kamiya to let him be his disciple and is accepted on condition he write his life story.

Namioka Kazuki as Kamiya Saizo
The funny man of the comedy duo called Ahondara. He has an original sense of humour and a genius that is recognised. However, he is very particular and this frequently creates friction with the people around him. He goes drinking every night with Tokunaga Ayuta, who has become his disciple, but his wild life eventually casts a shadow on his activities as an entertainer.

Kadowaki Mugi as Miyano Maki
A young, beautiful girl who welcomes Kamiya Saizo from Osaka into her house and lives with him. She also accepts the behaviour of the self-centred Kamiya and is devoted to him like a wife. She is even affectionate to Tokunaga Ayuta whom Kamiya brings along, treating him like a younger brother.

Yoshii Masao as Yamashita Masato
The straight man of the comedy duo called Sparks. He and Tokunaga Ayuta are childhood friends and have been doing stand-up comedy together since they were children. Unlike Tokunaga who has a strong stranger anxiety, he is an outgoing person. He is living together with his girlfriend Yurie.

Murata Hideaki as Obayashi Kazuya
The straight man of the comedy duo called Ahondara. He has the best compatibility with the genius Kamiya’s funny man routine. Although he gets twisted around by Kamiya’s wild behaviour, he acknowledges Kamiya’s talent and puts his faith in him.

Taguchi Tomorow as Hyuga Seitaro
The company president of Hyuga Planning, the entertainment agency that the stand-up comedy duo Sparks belongs to. He originally managed mostly actors, but recently has been dealing with comedians too. Although he has an easygoing character, his irresponsibility is also conspicuous.

Sometani Shota as Ogata Kenji
An employee of Hyuga Planning. He ends up in charge of the stand-up comedy department that his company president decided to set up. He has no interest in comedy and also does his work grudgingly, but gradually starts to find it interesting.

Kobayashi Kaoru as Watanabe
The taciturn owner of Musashino Coffee in Kichijoji, which Tokunaga Ayuta frequently visits. He supports Tokunaga, who stays for a long time to write material, without being seen, and even gives him free cups of coffee occasionally.

Kato Masato (Fushigina Misaki no Monogatari, Sougen no Isu)
Takahashi Miyuki (Monster, Ai to Makoto)

Original Work
Hibana by Matayoshi Naoki

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2 Responses to Hibana

  1. knk says:

    Hope someone sub this! =)

  2. Danielle says:

    Sooo, this show is pretty new, and there’s very little information out about it. But I’m watching episode 10, and I’m a bit confused. I would really appreciate if someone could give me an answer. Namioka Kazuki / Kamiya Saizo played a man the whole series, and is referred to as “he” on his wikipedia page. But in chapter 10, he gets in the bath, and he has full breasts. Like the size of mine, and they look natural too, not implants. Is he trans by chance? Female to male? If so, he is immediately promoted to my favorite Japanese actor. I don’t think it was CGI or anything. And in the episode, he just looks at his breasts and cries. Like he doesn’t want them there.

    Anyway, I absolutely LOVED 火花 so much! Please please please please put out another season! I fell in love with all the characters, and their manzai is sooo funny! Witty, deep, inspirational; the best.

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