TV Tokyo Drama Special 2016 ~ Kyohan Moto Keiji Nagai Kosaku no Yuukai Sousa

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 1 June 2016
Scriptwriter: Nishioka Takuya (Shokuzai no Sonata, Deiri Kinshi no Onna, Tetsu no Hone)
Original Work: Kyohan by Fukaya Tadaki
Cast: Hashizume Isao, Watanabe Dai, Harada Natsuki, Maruyama Tomomi, Hasegawa Tomoharu, Kurobe Susumu, Nashimoto Kenjiro, Otsuru Gitan, Sugawara Daikichi, Mikura Kana, Honda Hirotaro, Masuoka Toru, Osugi Ren, Arimori Narimi
Synopsis: 3-year-old Mina, the only daughter of Ebisawa Natsuhiko (Maruyama Tomomi), an associate professor of Touoh University in Tokyo’s Kunitachi City, goes missing. Natsuhiko had been with Mina right before she disappeared. She went missing after he took his eyes off her for a bit and a red sports sedan was seen driving away from the scene. Mina’s mother Sanae (Harada Natsuki) is actually the daughter of Haruyama Tatsuo (Honda Hirotaro), who was a suspect in the brutal murder of a little girl 21 years ago. Haruyama was not prosecuted because of a lack of evidence. However, Nagai Kosaku (Hashizume Isao), a security officer who was a detective in charge of the case at that time, is certain Haruyama was the criminal. When he hears about the missing child, he instinctively suspects that Haruyama had something to do with Mina’s disappearance. And so, Nagai starts to investigate Haruyama’s current circumstances. Meanwhile, Natsuhiko receives a phone call from the person who abducted Mina. He is told that she will definitely be sent back in one week. While Natsuhiko and his wife cling to those words and pray for the safety of their daughter, Iwasa Jun (Watanabe Dai) and the police officers of Kunitachi Police Precinct proceed to investigate the clue of the red sports sedan. They come to a doctor Kokubun Tetsushi (Hasegawa Tomoharu) who owns a very similar car and passes near the place where Mina disappeared when he goes to his villa every weekend. Armed with a warrant for violating child prostitution and child pornography laws, the police head to the villa where he is. They find Mina’s hair and clothes fibres when they conduct a search inside. However, Kokubun denies any knowledge of Mina’s case during an interrogation. Nagai learns about his arrest through the newspapers and cannot believe his own eyes. Kokubun was also a suspect in the murder of the little girl 21 years ago. But he had an alibi at that time and was quickly struck off the list of suspects. Nagai visits detective Nishikawa Yozo (Masuoka Toru), who was in charge of that murder together with him. Both of them begin to suspect that Kokubun was the real criminal in the case 21 years ago because 21 years ago, there was a tip-off to the police to do a DNA test on Kokubun, but … …
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