TV Asahi Drama Special 2016 ~ Eiko Kyoju no Jikenbo


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 21 May 2016
Scriptwriters: Wada Kiyoto (Shinya Shokudo), Ito Takashi (Itsutsuboshi Tourist, Orthros no Inu)
Original Work: Tokyo Teidai Eiko Kyoju by Kadoi Yoshinobu
Cast: Fujiki Naohito, Tanaka Naoki, Shimizu Fumika, Shiraisu Jin, Ukaji Takashi, Asano Yuko, Takeda Tetsuya
Synopsis: Nanba Haruto (Tanaka Naoki), a detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division, keeps blundering in every investigation. One day, he is summoned by the head of the division, Igarashi Osamu (Takeda Tetsuya). Igarashi wants Nanba to go and apologise to the law professor at his alma mater Teito University who had been asked to supervise a book on 100 years of criminal investigation because production ended up getting halted. Nanba grumbles that he did not become a detective to do this kind of thing as he reluctantly heads to Teito University with a gift. However, he encounters an unexpected incident down there. The dead body of medical professor Kodera Tamotsu, a candidate to be the next provost, is discovered at the lecture hall. Furthermore, his dead body has been suspended from the ceiling of the stage by a rope and a row of code in mysterious numbers were left on the drop curtains. A man appears at this extremely baffling crime scene, murmuring with great interest, “There seems to be a story in this case.” He is Unobe Eiko (Fujiki Naohito), the man that Nanba has come to see. Eiko is a genius who is knowledgeable about many disciplines and has earned himself the nickname “intellectual giant”. He has no interest in wealth or fame and has got on the bad side of the powers-that-be at the university because he will boldly put forth his argument what no matter who the other party is. Nanba and the First Investigative Division begin their investigation immediately. That is when Eiko happens to find well-used tobacco leaves for a pipe from the crime scene. It appears that the murderer is attempting to set Eiko up as the criminal … … Why did the murderer commit the crime and try to get him involved? Eiko undertakes to decipher the code together with his assistant Aso Tota (Shiraisu Jin). Meanwhile, the First Investigative Division and parties who had been fighting for the provost position have marked vice provost Tomura Asami (Asano Yuko) as a suspect, but the investigation makes little headway. Igarashi appoints Eiko to be an adviser to the investigation in order to solve the case quickly. Nanba is ordered by the division’s unit chief 係長・Kawazoe Tokuji (Ukaji Takashi) to お目付け役 and he reluctantly works alongside Eiko. Meanwhile, a second professor is murdered in Teito University. And, a mysterious code has been left at the scene of the crime yet again … …
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