Tachibana Noboru Seishun Tebikae (2016) Season 1


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From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 13 May 2016

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Tachibana Noboru, a 20-year-old aspiring doctor, lives for tomorrow. Leaving Dewa Province (present day Akita), he turns to an uncle Komaki Genan, who is a town doctor in Edo and gets a job as a doctor of Kodenmacho Prison at Genan’s recommendation. The impressionable Noboru sees the suffering of people who live at the bottom of society as he gets involved in all sorts of incidents inside the prison and solves them with brilliant deductions and jujitsu skills. One night, he is informed that there is an emergency case. A prisoner, Katsuzo, who is due to be exiled to an island for housebreaking, is suffering from a stomachache. Noboru goes to the prison with grim determination. However, Katsuzo feigned his illness in order to lure him to the prison. Noboru is entrusted with a secret task by Katsuzo. It is to obtain his share of 10 ryo from the man who was the ringleader of the housebreaking and hand this money over to a woman called Omitsu in Fukagawa. Omitsu had pledged to be his wife. Sympathising with Katsuzo, Noboru accepts his request but … …

Mizobata Junpei as Tachibana Noboru
A doctor at Kodenmacho Prison in Edo. He leaves Kameda in Dewa Province and goes to Tokyo where his uncle Komaki Genan is a doctor. He lives with his uncle without paying for anything while he works hard in his study of medicine. He feels ashamed in Komaki’s household.

Taira Yuna as Chie
Tachibana Noboru’s cousin. She is beautiful, but calls the older Noboru without an honorific title and treats him like a servant. She gallivants with her friends Aki and Miki and makes fun of him.

Miyazaki Yoshiko as Matsue
Tachibana Noboru’s aunt. She is naggy and harsh on Noboru. She gets him to do chores such as tending to the trees in the garden and cleaning the floor with a cloth.

Ishiguro Ken as Tokichi
An unofficial police assistant of Fukagawa’s Yanagawacho. He pursues the truth of cases together with Tachibana Noboru. He leaves the running of a small eatery to his wife Osen.

Furuya Ikkou as Komaki Genan
Tachibana Noboru’s uncle. A doctor in Edo. He was once hailed to have the skills of a prodigy, but he makes up reasons to push work to Noboru. He is henpecked by Matsue at home.

Furuta Motomu (Kamiya Genjiro Series, Kumokiri Nizaemon Season 2)
Tamura Megumi

Original Work
Tachibana Noboru Seishun Tebikae by Fujisawa Shuhei

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