Nezumi, Edo o Hashiru Season 2


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From 8.00 p.m., Thursdays, 14 April 2016


It is the Bunka-Bunsei era in the late Edo period. While the culture of the townspeople matures and flourishes, administration by the 11th Tokugawa shogun Ienari’s inner circle is rampant and characterised by a debasement of public morals in Edo. Discontent with the samurai families and local businessmen grows because the lives of the ordinary people who live in the town are getting harder and harder. All of a sudden, a whistle sounds in the dead of the night. A black-clad thief easily escapes along the rooftops with a box of 1,000 ryo from a crooked samurai family and scatters the money over a shabby tenement house that is asleep. This thief is the chivalrous Nezumi Kozo who is also known as the sweet sake dealer Jirokichi. Although he is nothing more than a mere thief, he is obsessed about justice and would poke his nose in cases where he will not even get a penny. This is because he loves seeing the happiness of the people living in Edo. One day, Jirokichi picks up a baby called Suzu in an unexpected turn of events on the way back after a robbery. There is a system for the foster parents of the abandoned child to get money from the government office. The yakuza Jusaburo made use of the system to adopt the abandoned child and receive money. Then he sold the child to make money. In the middle of this, Suzu’s foster parents were murdered.

Takizawa Hideaki as Jirokichi
He loves the weak and righteous, and hates the strong and wicked. By day, he is the sweet sake dealer called Jirokichi, a sophisticated pleasure seeker who lives in a tenement house with his younger sister Kosode. By night, he runs like the wind on the rooftops of the city of Edo as the phantom thief Nezumi Kozo who steals money and goods from samurai residences which he then hands out to the poor.

Aoyama Misato as Kosode
Jirokichi’s younger sister. A good-natured, down-to-earth girl who loves her brother. She loves to win. Unlike most females, she puts her heart and soul into martial arts and is a master of the short sword. She gives her brother trouble because of her tomboy ways and bold personality. Although she has an inkling that Jirokichi’s true identity is that of Nezumi Kozo, she would rush to help him and plays the role of his best partner in solving cases.

Kyomoto Taiga as Yonehara Hironoshin
The third son of a samurai family. He goes to the same training hall as Kosode. His skills are no match for Kosode’s, but he is naive and good-natured. He has a romantic interest in Kosode, but has not conveyed his feelings to her. She mostly uses him as a source to get gossip among samurais.

Ikeda Tetsuhiro as Asakichi
A subordinate of Tokugoro. He is glib and adores Tokugoro. His purpose in life is catching Nezumi Kozo. He is not amused by Jirokichi.

Katase Nana as Chigusa
The daughter of the reputable doctor Ryoan in Edo. She has returned from studying in Nagasaki and runs a clinic by herself and even treats those who cannot pay the medical fees. She has a great deal of trust in Jirokichi. She is vaguely aware that Jirokichi is Nezumi Kozo.

Takashima Masahiro as Tokugoro
An older private detective who controls law and order in the city of Edo. He thrives on arresting Nezumi Kozo, but deep down he does not despise Nezumi Kozo for being on the side of the common people. A part of him believes in Nezumi Kozo’s principle never to kill people and he feels a sort of fellowship with him.

Omori Sumio (64, 55-sai no Hello Life)
Kawasaki Izumi (55-sai no Hello Life, Higashino Keigo Mysteries)
Sato Tomoharu (Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri, Last Cop)
Seko Masashi

Original Work
Nezumi, Edo o Hashiru by Akagawa Jiro

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