Contrail ~ Tsumi to Koi


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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 15 April 2016


45-year-old Aoki Aya is a single mother of a 5-year-old boy. Ever since her husband Atsushi was killed in a random murder while in Tokyo six years ago, she has somehow kept the seaside drive-in by the name of ‘Contrail’, that they started as a couple, going. Worried about mother and child, Sasaoka Shigeru, the detective in charge of the case, visits frequently, but Aya’s heart has dried up and she has almost given up on life. Then one day, a truck driver Osabe Ryoji comes to the drive-in where Aya works. He can hear but cannot speak and carries a notebook to communicate in writing. His reclusive appearance stirs Aya’s sleeping heart and she starts to fall in love with him. Aya and Ryoji quickly get close. However, they do not yet know of the hidden connection between them. In fact, Ryoji, who abandoned everything including his job as an elite lawyer, was the perpetrator of the murder of Aya’s husband six years ago … …

Ishida Yuriko as Aoki Aya
Her husband Atsushi died in a random murder. She raises their son Yuki while running a curry eatery ‘Drive-in Contrail’. She has given up on life and thinks she will never be happy again until she meets Osabe Ryoji.

Iura Arata as Osabe Ryoji
A once-promising lawyer, he got involved in a random murder. While scuffling with the criminal, he killed Aya’s husband by mistake. The shock cause him to lose his voice. He became a truck driver and has been living in solitude, but happens to encounter Aoki Aya.

Harada Taizo as Sasaoka Shigeru
A detective of Shingawa Minami Police Precinct who was in charge of the random murder case. He interrogated Osabe Ryoji who killed Aoki Atsushi, but did not pursue criminal charges on the wishes of his superiors. He worries about Aya and her son Yuki even after the case and frequents her curry eatery. He is secretly in love with her.

Sakuraba Nanami as Shinozaki Keiko
The lover of Aoki Aya’s husband, Atsushi. She witnessed Osabe Ryoji slash Atsushi in the incident and left Japan for a while after that, but something causes her to approach Aya.

Horiuchi Keiko as Tabuchi Sayumi
Aoki Aya’s good friend since junior high schooll days. Her children have become independent and her husband tends to be absent from home. She helps out at Aya’s curry eatery.

Maruyama Tomomi as Aoki Atsushi
Aoki Aya’s husband. He got involved in a random murder six year’s ago. His carotid artery was severed by Osabe Ryoji and he died.

Nogiwa Yoko as Aoki Hanae
The mother of Aoki Aya’s late husband. She believes her grandson Yuki is the reincarnation of her only son and is fond of him. Although she shows an understanding of her daughter-in-law Aya, her feelings for her late son are still strong and they end up quarreling.

Oishi Shizuka (Second Love, Kazokugari)

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