Terra Formars ~ Aratanaru Kibou


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From 24 April 2016 (followed by movie)


It is the year 2599. Before the departure for the Mars mission to eradicate a living organism on the planet in order to complete the Mars colonisation plan, there is a final aptitude test to choose 15 people from among candidates with the best ability to adapt to the environment. If the mission is a success, they can have what they want. Family, freedom, money, power … … Every candidate resolves to go to Mars so that they can break out of this damned life. Komachi Shokichi for a new life with his childhood friend Akita Nanao; a certain someone in atonement to his wife; and another for a plot that has not been discovered. To achieve their own desires and ulterior motives, the assembled candidates betray and cheat each other to become the crew members of the spaceship BUGS 2 in a fierce battle for survival. Who will be able to land on Mars?

Ito Hideaki as Komachi Shokichi
A kind, good-natured guy with a strong sense of justice. When provoked, he will become ferocious. He protects his childhood friend Akita Nanao whom he loves like a younger sister and takes the rap for her. He is lured by Nanao to participate with the aim of qualifying for the mission and getting out of the sentence.

Takei Emi as Akita Nanao
She grew up in the same town as Komachi Shokichi. Her parents died in an accident and she was abused by her stepfather who brought her up. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, she remains naive and positive. She trusts Komachi, who rescued her, from the bottom of her heart and sets her sights on participating in the mission in order to save him.

Shinoda Mariko as Osako Sorae
The former leader of a girls prostitution ring. She hangs out with a prostitute who illegally entered the country from Russia and is always complaining.

Kikuchi Rinko as Moriki Asuka
She is never perturbed, unfriendly and hardly smiles. She used to be a police officer but was dismissed for dipping into seized money.

Kato Masaya as Dojima Keisuke
The captain of the spaceship BUGS 2 which is scheduled for a mission to Mars. He is the ideal leader who will fulfil his duty loyally and sacrifice himself to protect his subordinates.

Hayashi Kento as Kanno Yohei
He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for robbery but broke out and contends for a place on the mission to Mars with his eyes on the enormous prize money.

Sugaya Tetsuya as Koike Noboru
An enthusiastic fan of the genius scientist Honda Akira and Mars geek.

Takaoka Saki as Odagiri Miwa
A medical officer of the FIST management, she has a cold-hearted side and calls the candidates by numbers.

Aoki Mao (Orthros no Inu)

Original Work
Terra Formars by Sagusa Yu

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