Omukae Death


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From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, 23 April 2016


Tsutsumi Madoka, who is majoring in science in university, hears of the death of Ogawa Chisato, his classmate from high school days, and goes to her wake. On the way home, he sees a queer scene of a person in a rabbit costume and an elderly man, Baba Yozo, having a scuffle. Madoka is completely skeptical of unscientific things and tries to walk pass while acting like everything is normal. Then, the rabbit calls out to him. The grim reaper Nabeshima is actually in the rabbit. He has taken a young girl Yuzuko. Nabeshima asks Madoka to help him with his work. However, Madoka assumes that he is hallucinating and ignores Nabeshima. When Madoka gets home, Nabeshima and Yuzuko are waiting for him. Madoka has had the ability to see ghosts and the grim reaper without even realising it. Nabeshima explains to Madoka that his job is to roam this earth and take ghosts to the other world. Madoka is followed around by Nabeshima and Yuzuko. When he walks with them, Aguma Sachi, who attends the same university, shows up. She possesses the ability to see ghosts and has been helping Nabeshima. Nabeshima unilaterally declares that Madoka and Sachi will team up from now on. She takes him with her and he ends up getting involved in the work. The target is Yozo whom Madoka had seen scuffling with Nabeshima. Yozo’s daughter Reiko intended to get married to her boyfriend Masamichi, but Yozo was strongly opposed to it. He said he would not be able to cut off his daughter even if he dies. Because Masamichi is a part-time worker, he is not someone that Yozo could entrust his daughter to without any worry. Furthermore, when Yozo heard that Reiko was pregnant, he was infuriated. Reiko resisted and the two of them lost contact. Shortly after that, Yozo suddenly collapsed and passed away. After hearing Yozo’s wish to force Reiko and Masamichi to separate, Sachi says she will visit Reiko’s house. And so, Madoka and Sachi go to meet Reiko … … Madoka and Sachi get along like oil and water because they cannot understand each other’s train of thoughts. Although they provoke each other, they make up for what the other lacks and start to learn something about living as they channel ghosts to the other world.

Fukushi Sota as Tsutsumi Madoka
A engineering student in university and member of the rocket club. He is the type who does not believe in the unscientific. He tends to be considered lacking in emotions, but he is only bad at communication. He learns that he has the special ability to let ghosts possess him and is forced to let them use his own body to resolve their regrets and rest in peace.

Tsuchiya Tao as Aguma Sachi
A foolhardy university student who attends the same university as Tsutsumi Madoka. She continues to work for Nabeshima because she wants to be recognised by him. Although she deals empathetically with ghosts, there are things that also go wrong. She regards Madoka as her rival because Nabeshima is partial to him, but she soon realises Madoka’s kind heart. There is a problem in her family?

Suzuki Ryohei as Nabeshima
A grim reaper. He is made to wear the rabbit costume the whole year against his will because of the orders of his boss. He appears frivolous but is a capable guy. He is searching for his his own memories while alive … …

Kadowagi Mugi as Ogawa Chisato
A ghost who is Tsutsumi Madoka’s classmate from high school days. She died in a freak accident. She seems to hate Madoka for some reason … and is sheltered by Aguma Sachi.

Hamada Kokone as Yuzuko
A grim reaper who is Nabeshima’s helper. She has the appearance of a young girl, but she is a woman inside.

Morinaga Yuki as Kato Takashi
The only friend that Tsutsumi Madoka can talk to. He belongs to the same rocket club, but he is more interested in being popular with girls than rockets.

Otomo Karen as Tsutsumi Sayaka
Tsutsumi Madoka’s younger sister. A second-year high school student. She considers her brother a nuisance, but is actually like him. She is curious about his behaviour.

Ishino Mako as Tsutsumi Yumiko
Tsutsumi Madoka’s mother. A full-time housewife who thrives on the family’s concern.

Osugi Ren as Tsutsumi Ikuo
Tsutsumi Madoka’s father. An ordinary company employee. He often gets into jolly misunderstandings. He actually remarried and is not Madoka’s biological father.

Ozaki Masaya (Otona Joshi, Black President)

Original Work
Omukae Death by Tanaka Meka

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